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  1. My bad, I tweaked the name of the exe which broke it, changing it back has fixed it.
  2. This has stopped working for me this morning, probably more than just a coincidence that this error has just started when the new update is out? Has something changed on the backend?
  3. I equipped rockets for this mission - co-pilot is a terrible shot and the boats are bullet sponges. Even with rockets I took a fair amount of damage from the four boats.
  4. Pretty much exactly the same experience, I think the 40deg cam range helps with control, particularly with the little bit of stiction you sometimes get.
  5. They really need to sort this out, a lot of paid campaigns are ruined at the moment because NVGs don't work as intended. There's no point paying money for campaigns with night missions if you can't actually finish the missions.
  6. Not had this problem with mine and I'm probably over 20 hours use, it's possible I may have had a higher tension to start with though.
  7. I gave this a try last night and it no longer seems to work properly. I initially had issues as it's a hot start mission with the throttle being maxed so it takes off straight away, although I think this is a DCS/HOTAS issue. The problem I'm having is that there's no way to board the infantry team, as it says the infantry team is lost at the start of the mission, even though I can see the infantry team in front of me!
  8. That would be great, for now I've just mapped the idle button to throttle up, so I can at least get the thing started without having to go to the keyboard.
  9. Just had my FedEx delivery notification for Friday, looks like they're starting to ship the TCS Plus collectives.
  10. They took my money 10 days ago, email I received yesterday said they are hoping to begin shipments by the end of next week.
  11. Very nice, looking forward to receiving mine! You say buttons 33-44 don't show in Windows - what do they correspond to on the device? I'm assuming that means they won't work in some other sims?
  12. Is there a way to skip this mission? I've died on the taxiway a dozen times, a few times I've managed to take off but then my plane has been destroyed as I was taking to the air. I'm not sure if this is just bad luck on my part or whether there is a problem with the mission? Personally, I think it would be better if you were immortal until you get into the air, dying repeatedly on the taxiway sucks the fun out of it, for me at least. EDIT: Switched on immortal and got past it that way.
  13. I ran into the same problem for Mission 7, I did a bit of searching and someone did find a fix that got me past this problem. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/192116-quotend-missionquot-button/?do=findComment&comment=4634817 The only issue I've found with the fix is that it no longer keeps tally of your kills during the campaign, but if it means you can progress then it's worth it until they can find a proper fix.
  14. I just got back into DCS with the 2.7 update and it had been working well, other than an occasional stutter every few minutes. However, since the recent minor update to 2.7 I'm now getting a repeating stutter every few seconds that lasts for a few frames and then goes back to normal. Things I've tried: Clearing fxo and shader folders adding autoexec.cfg disabling all USB power management on my peripherals trying both the latest AMD and MS WHQL driver for my 6800XT unloading all helper apps changing all of my monitors to 60Hz Vsync on and off removed reshade plugin removing MS update KB5001330 I'm at a loose end now as I'm not sure what else I can do? The issue has only happened since the minor update ( pushed by ED which I installed yesterday. Is there any way to roll this back? EDIT: Re-installed KB5001330 and it's back to normal now, very strange.
  15. It has to actually reach it's target first, which if I'm honest, is looking unlikely at the moment. Project owners have been hit with credit card charge backs in the past, so it does happen. At the end of the day, whenever you buy from someone new, whether that is Winwing, Virpil, or any of the small vendors you take a chance that you might not receive anything. There's always a risk, it's whether you think it's a risk worth taking.
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