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  1. Naja, alle diese Flugzeuge sind hoch komplex, allerdings is das CHI (Computer Human Interface) in modernen Jets halt besser - darauf laeuft ja die Entwicklung generell hin. Viel Automatisierung und bessere Workflows dank moderner Technik und wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen in Sachen Mensch-Maschinen-Interface. Ausserhalb von DCS WWII bin ich persoenlich bin kein Fan von alten Fliegern und von mir aus sollten alle neuen DCS Module basierend auf Fliegern mit "Glass Cockpits" sein. Mir macht die F-14 als Pilot auch viel Spass, kann mich allerdings nicht mit der Viggen a
  2. I like the new forum refresh as well. It's a lot cleaner and seems to be easier to use overall. It presents itself more pleasantly as well when looking at the forum's main page.
  3. Those work like a charm - just like the old forum. Thanks for those.
  4. I am getting used to the new forum design and features already. Not bad at all. As always, we (as humans) usually struggle with change initially, but then it all works out in the end...
  5. Can we also PLEASE stop this constant advertising of this horrible privacy-violating website that's now plastered all over the place here? Thanks.
  6. I kinda miss the "Today's Posts" button, as well as the far more compact design of the old forum. This vBulletin version seems newer, but it is not as easy to follow the posts/content changes.
  7. Always keep your audience in mind though... ;)
  8. Would be nice if these dates would be given in a format that's easily discernible for folks in the US and Europe alike, with the month abbreviated like so: Stable Version Next update: Planned 9 Oct 2020 or Oct 9, 2020 instead of Next update: Planned 09/10/2020, which I first read as Sept 10, 2020. :music_whistling: Just nitpicking, though. :)
  9. +1 I believe that ED is also working on some improved 3D pilots model, so maybe that has to happen first before some of the modules currently without pilot will receive one...
  10. +1 to making it optional via in-game menu settings.
  11. My wife teases me about ED all the time as well when I talk about DCS.
  12. There are some areas in Syria that are below sea level a quick google search turned up. Maybe that's all there is to it.
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