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  1. An F16 throttle would be amazing - but it would have to have a few of the adjacent panel switches as well, like the Warthog and Winwing F18 throttle.
  2. I ordered FSSB R3 + F16SGRH on Sunday, they arrived this morning. I had zero issues getting this up and running. The software is functional and easy enough to understand. The stick is super light compared to the warthog, but feels very solid. Nothing rattles, nothing squeaks. The stick is plastic but it's the good and grippy kind, much like on a new Glock (minus the rifling/stippling of course). I was relieved to find this was NOT the kind of velvety plastic surface that usually turns into sticky goo after a year or two. The fact that weapon release and a few other pushbuttons are no
  3. Just wanted to chime in that this did not help with the lack of contrast on clouds for me. I also tried the various quality presets and there was no improvement. I don't have screenshots for all those tests because, frankly, my original screenshot shows it well enough. The lack of dark spots in clouds is really problematic because it removes any sort of depth. It's almost like the blend mode of some of the voxels doesn't allow for clouds to get *darker*, only for them to get brighter white. It would be fun if someone who feels like deleting your save folder helped could post some V
  4. +1. Can't wait for the bumpy ride when you fly into the soup.
  5. I really hope the cloud contrast in VR can be improved. They already look a LOT better than 2.5 don't get me wrong, but comparing them with 2D the difference is staggering. They're just flat white/gray. In 2D they have much darker centers and a lot more variance of brightness.
  6. I see this really disturbing trend among some of the DCS userbase that they think they know stuff, when they are literally clueless. And don't get me wrong, there's a LOT I don't know. There's a few aspects that I'm professionally involved in, and I've found myself in the situation that people whose only experience was DCS and hearsay explained to me how systems I deploy in real life work, and that I don't know jack schmitt about said systems. This is sometimes coupled with another disturbing trend I sometimes encounter: People who are looking to establish themselves as some kind of autho
  7. Unfortunately I have the same issue. Here's a comparison screenshot:
  8. I get these weird crashes too. Very annoying. dcs.log-20210417-111900.zip
  9. Please keep the darkness for being inside very thick cloud layers though. I love how in a severe thunderstorm cell your cockpit gets dark and depending on the light situations you can get some very impressive moods.
  10. Update is live for me, and downloading
  11. Hi there, I have a large number of target zones and want to assign those to players dynamically, i.e. via script. However I can't seem to find a way to do that. I've read thought the code of several missions that do something similar, but I found that they always seem to use some kind of workaround, i.e. radio messages or the likes, instead of actually setting waypoints. Does anyone know whether this is possible at all?
  12. Seconded, VR performance is much improved, and the constant reloading of textures when switching to other follow cams is gone for me too. I used to fly with low shadows and textures on a 2090ti, now I'm on high shadows, high textures, and things are running quite smooth. Very nice!
  13. Works in the latest beta release that just dropped. I don't know when "last night" was for you, but if it was on the previous version, it most definitely did not work - at least, not most of the time.
  14. Aaand the bug is marked as fixed in the latest beta changelog! Can't wait to give this a try!
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