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  1. HI taking off the pitch, alt and ban hold do not engage. not sure what it is but eventually it does but there is no clear button press Ses i can lock down. makes it impossable to fly he ka50. i there anything that i am missing, not issues 6 months ago
  2. Will the old girl be reliant on 2 players in MP ? assuming not?
  3. So the FA18 is not the same as the a10C2 if you depress TDC designate when MAV is soi you cant slew which makes no sense considering this could be done before? turning off TPG or un designating you can slew in MAV page Would it not be ideal to find a target, un age to TDC mark, soi to MAV then move the MAX seeker head. this will help with adjustments?
  4. Hi Baltic mission 2 your wingman has a fuel truck under the wind and blows up or becomes stuck
  5. thanks guys sorry i thought a target was separate to a SPI So the process is now; find a target, make it as a spi then TMS long to broadcast spi that is covered and understand what i am trying to do is to have a target that is red show up in my HMS like the video I am assuming incorrectly that it cant be separate, IE i do not want to broadcast my current spi but to be able to make a target point or current target and broadcast that OR maybe have Target PTS like Mark points maybe? What icemaker is saying. Find a target, make it spi, and hook to wingman send ? this will then create a r
  6. Broadcast target, how is this done, cant seem to find anything on it
  7. ahh ok that might be it, with MC SOI creating a markpt is accurate, just using tms fwd long it is always off centre ill try China hat aft when it is SOI first thanks
  8. with HMC as SOI tms fwd long creates spi on point on ground, however it is always to the left is this a bug?
  9. its Wednesday already where me A10C 2 wednesday in australia people..........
  10. with J38 selected TPD slewed to ground target press WP increment Select Menu in TPOD game freezes then crashes it has occurred twice same scenario
  11. and what version do you download? 2.5.6 beta
  12. struggling to make this work or F16 is it enabled via usual NVG keybind?
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