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  1. You are both correct. I could swear that HUD was SOI last night but since it worked today I must have been wrong. Thank-you for your responses.
  2. I will double check. I thought I was...
  3. Before the update we were able to recage the TD box to the FPM with TMS Aft. After the update that's not possible. You have to switch to PRE and then back to VIS to get the TD box caged to the FPM. If you need a track let me know. It should be easy to reproduce though.
  4. All the weapons in the world will not give us the ability to actually use the Viper. Everything is so frustrating to use. Getting the TGP pointed the right direction requires the use of snowplow mode. DTOS should be easy to implement because, as someone mentioned earlier DTOS is partially implemented as part of the Maverick and JDAM's. Also, the TGP seems to drift even I'm INR mode. We need mark points as then we have coordinates. This means on lofting you have to sweeten the lock when you should be focusing on pickling and going defensive. Also, both the TGP and Maverick are difficult to see on the MFD, making it even more frustrating. Finding targets with the TGP is very difficult without a steerpoint as it's like looking through a soda straw. A2G radar and DTOS would help with that. The lack of bullseye makes it difficult to communicate the position of targets or other members of the flight. DEST and CRUS can wait, though they are nice to haves. Tuning the flight model and improving the A2A radar is also important. A2G radar is also a nice to have. Beyond that in my opinion everything else in my opinion is a nice to have. Also, saying most planned for later doesn't tell the community anything we don't already know. What comes first? No time lines, just what are the priorities other than weapons?
  5. At this point in the development of the Viper I feel we have plenty of weapons to work with. My preference is that ED move to bug fixes and adding core features to the Viper. My hope is that the following be made a priority after the release of the CBU-103 and CBU-105. Bullseye Flight model update DTOS Mark points Target steerpoints DEST and CRUS page These features are sorely needed. I often feel like I'm fighting with one hand tied behind my back. Right now it's extremely difficult to attack anything unless there is a steerpoint near or on top of the target. The only time this occurs is during strike missions. When doing CAS or DEAD you have to rely on your systems and without the above features I'm fighting the systems more than I am the enemy. Anyway, I wanted to put this out there, for what it's worth.
  6. DTOS mode is awesome! I just saw a video on it and it solves the issue of the steerpoint not being anywhere near the HUD when you need to designate a pop up target. Question, this is a SPI, correct, meaning that we can sweeten the designation with the TGP? I am eagerly awaiting this feature as well as mark points. Thanks, Chris
  7. Awesome, I was hoping for something like that. Thanks! Can you speak to Mark points? I've been waiting for those for a long time... It'll make hunting for SAM's much easier. I'm glad you are back on the forums. I've always wanted to ask you questions directly. Thanks again!!! I really like DEAD, it's one of my favorite things to do in the Viper, along with BVR.
  8. What about unguided bombs like the mk 82 or CBU 97? They don't have a VIS mode. Right now I have to use snow plow on the TGP to get the TD box in the HUD. This is hard to do under pressure. Will there be a way to designate a target on the HUD for CCRP without the TGP or A2G radar? Mark points perhaps?
  9. I should have been using INR mode, not area track. It's working as it should now. Thanks everyone for the assistance!
  10. I'll send one. Probably tomorrow. I don't think I will get to fly today.
  11. Has anyone experienced issues with the TGP in area track not in point track. If I fly straight and level perpendicular to the target with the target to my right I end up having the crosshairs drift quite a bit to the left. The pod is never obscured, even though it shouldn't matter in area track.. Even a steerpoint does, entered manually. I don't think the steerpoint or TGP track is accurate from the beginning even though the crosshairs are directly on the target. As a result, I miss or have a near miss when I approach the target at low altitude and loft the JDAM. This behavior shouldn't be happening. Am I doing something wrong or is something wrong with the TGP? Thanks!
  12. I know this is an old thread but will mark points be in this 60 steerpoint database?
  13. I've been having an issue with my Oculus Quest where after a random period of time after jumping into the pit the bottom the screen turns white. I can still see what's below it (the white is translucent) and the problem gets worse as I play and then will get better. It never goes completely away until I close DCS and disconnect the link cable. I've attached a picture of what it looks like. This is someone else's picture, I pulled it off the forums. However this is exactly what it looks like and that user is also using a NVIDIA 3080 and a Oculus Quest headset. I purchased a new Quest 2 and am experiencing the same issue on that one as well. Has anyone experienced this issue before?
  14. Thank-you for the detailed explanation. I understand, but am disappointed. I wanted to use steerpoints to mark SAM launches for SEAD/DEAD with Mav's or cluster bombs instead of HARMS. I don't think the DTC is something that will be ready for a long time. ED's focus is elsewhere. So it may be a very long time before we see this feature. I'm hope I'm pleasantly surprised but I think that's not very likely. I also agree with you on the steerpoint system. TGT's are another example and I'm not sure if offsets can be created. The means no VRP/VIP functions for a while either.
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