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  1. South Africans here.. Well, there are loads of us South Africans in Europe (UK and Netherlands!). Ja, daar is veeeeele Zuid-Afrikaners.. maar in Europa !
  2. "Edge" can also be downloaded from here: http://eikenlaan.org/spele/lo-mac/video/ & loads of other lomac videos. loads of bandwdith
  3. Black shark Also available for download here: http://www.netwerke.org/lo-mac/video/Lo-mac_black shark_Igromir.avi There is no download limit and no waiting times from above site.
  4. Black shark and other Lo-mac videos download link http://www.netwerke.net/lo-mac This should contain some other Lo-mac videos as well. No bandwidth limitations for downloads. I'll be happy to host your Lo-mac video of whatever size. At this very moment, 17/10/2006 @ 23:01GMT, files are still uploading. ETA: 2 hours to uploading everything (@ 35k p/sek upload).
  5. Moviemakers: I have virtually unlimted bandwidth (150gb per month) to host your video on, or any Lock-on video for that matter. http://www.netwerke.net/gerasmus/lo-mac/ My domain is hosted by http://www.imhosted.com which is unbelievable. One gets all the little bits as standard (which other companies charwe a fortune for). Hit this: 5Gb web space standard, 150Gb bandwidth pm (blistering fast), Public + private FTP, SMTP mail, the list is endless ! It runs on Linux.
  6. Hi everyone, I can host your video as I have virtually unlimted bandwidth available (150Gb per month) and several GB of free space. Currently located here: http://www.netwerke.net/gerasmus/lo-mac/video/ http://www.netwerke.net is my own domain. BTW, this amazin (almost too good to be true) webhosting company is http://www.imhosted.com I can surely recommended it, its got gazillions of tools, your own private ftp/mail server. The best is, the price, just USD$95 per year !! One gets all the tools (many/most) other web hosting companies would charge extra for.
  7. Вот мой муж (до меня) не мог заснуть пока минут по 20-30 перед сном не поиграет. Мы женаты 5 месяцев и он еще НИРАЗУ не поиграл в Lock on! Но он скучаааает по "ней" (экс).
  8. Getting married and Lo-mac... Well.. Thnaks for your concern.. but seems like having a wife + flying Lo-Mac doesn't go hand-in-hand. I've been forced to divorce Lo-mac. Would you believe that I haven't flown ONCE in more than two months. I'm dying to get in the cockpit again ! WARNING ! Married life and relaxing with a computer game doesn't go hand in hand. I've been unable to convice my wife that playing computer games (flying lo mac and campaigning in Operation Flashpoint) is our way of relaxing. I hope to be flying again..some day. Yeah, Pappavis told me he joined the squad. I
  9. I have about 300mb of web space available and bandwidth to host movies.. I'm no graphic artist but here are 2 movies. http://www.netwerke.net/lo-mac/index.htm Cheers, Grové
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