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  1. I'm pretty sure whats happening is that server side I am desyncing and pulling 5g with the sight open, causing the gyros to fail. But clientside, Petrovich still says the weapons are ready and the doppler system gives strange readings. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C3CHRj77qoKixNOymIo7dFB_6zyAKNV3/view?usp=sharing
  2. I asked this before in the Mi-8 fourm, but could we get the mag var on the kneeboard like the F14 has?
  3. I just fixed mine. Turns out the dcs resolution in system settings was not the same as my monitor.
  4. After unchecking the experimental features box the rwr reverts to the old behavior. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  5. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315529/
  6. Even without the direction I can still scan for launch smoke. A firearm discharge is a brief flash of UV light. A missile in flight is a continuous emmision. Also you can use the MWS without giving it control of countermeasures. I currently scan about once a second. If the system goes off every three seconds then that's a major improvement. I don't see how this paragraph relates to the qoute above it? Personally I would be happy if ED made a full fidelity Su-24 module. /s
  7. I just noticed right now that this fixed. the display only counts in 20s, so it will show 60,40,20,0.
  8. IMO DCS should model everything that is physically realistic. Let the mission designer dictate what is allowed by command/doctrine. If the ground crew could put an S-5 pod on the pylon and it would function, then it should in DCS as well.
  9. Would it be possible to get the magnetic variation on the kneeboard like the F-14 has?
  10. I know the Su-25A used to have the Kh-25MP missile but that it was removed. Does anyone recall why? From what I can find the Kh-25MP works like the harrier's sidearm and can be used without any ELINT pod. Is it reasonable to assume if one were to mount it like a Kh-25ML that it would fire?
  11. Maybe a ICBM launch at 100km. The MWS will cue you to check for launch smoke. Currently, without MWS, I have to scan for launch smoke constantly and only glance down at the IT-23 to target identify. I would pay $20 just to have an intern change a few constants in the shkval lock code.
  12. There is a difference between not receiving answers and not reading the answers you recieved. At the ranges the ka-50 engages targets the mws would detect anything that an rwr would. The only possible benifit of RWR is that it wouldn't go off when your wingman shoots a missile. But since they are linking it to the ABRIS, I suspect it may track the missiles position which may also allow the mws to only trigger on incoming missiles. It will be interesting to see how they model it.
  13. He addressed all of your points perfectly. 'Perhaps' it is the language barrier but your questions were asinine in the first place for exactly the reasons that Fri13 stated.
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