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  1. In planes like su27. su33, mig29(all versions) and maybe in other FL3 aircraft, when aircraft is loaded with same type of bombs, 2 pylons are released at the same time instead of just 1. So now if i want to drop just 1 bomb, you are forced to drop 2 bombs at 1 target, so i'm loosing 1 bomb. This poor strategy leads to reduced fire power of the red side, reducing ability to destroy ground targets by 50%!!!! By default all planes should drop just 1 bomb at the time, when ripple quantity is not changed.
  2. Please add fast travel option from point A to B for ground units only, so ground units can move between allied bases much quicker.
  3. fjq

    Linux servers

    When you will finally add linux ubuntu servers (no render) in order to host multiplayer missions??
  4. HUD in not showing readings smoothly (speed, alt etc). Number are not changing every 1 value, it goes by 20 or more units
  5. Very annoying autopilot bug. Can't use cruise missiles with camera because can't hold the plane still. Plane is rolling to the side, then to the ground!
  6. Also missiles run into trees, ground, wires etc. Missile radar must keep the missile as low as possible and avoid all objects. Also when missiles are shot from high altitude, then they diving down too slow and remain too high for too long time. Also when I try to take control over the missile before it reach it destination i can do so by switching missile camera on. But when I decide to put the missile on auto (switch missile camera off), connection with missile is lost or missile is destroyed, disappeared i don't know..... Both jf17 cruise missiles have similar flying problems. Plane AUTO pilot not working after 1m or so!!!!!!!!!!! Can't look after criuse missiles because plane rolling to side and then heading to ground!!!!!!
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