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  1. you are right, it's not feasible. But It's been pointed out many times that right now we have JF-17 Block 1 with some Block 2 features. So in future if get full block 2, then maybe be can have blk2 with some blk3 features
  2. Just tested, working here. hits the exact PP1 point, detonates. DM me the track and mission file.
  3. Just Updated for 2.7 (Like 2mins ago). Download again. Also, the SD10 issue, did you try on MP or SP?
  4. Just to add to this, Any Plans for aselpod?
  5. Not sure if this has been reported before but the new Throttle Textures (that includes throttle labels) are missing which cockpit is set to performance mode.
  6. Aware. Will check what's causing it and try to fix it. Edit: Found and Fixed the issue. Will Upload the updated version as soon as i get home.
  7. Personally, I'd love to see Mirage 5 ROSE III by Deka.
  8. Both of these missiles get hit and destroyed by trees or buildings, It seems like they can navigate through terrain but if there is a building for trees in path, they just fly straight and get destroyed. Meanwhile Kh59M works perfectly and can navigate through buildings and trees.
  9. Not high priority, But will love to see this added in future.
  10. Yes on multiplayer SD-10, C701s wont work in Wingtip pylons (or inner most pylons) because there is a integrity check in place. Nothing can be done.
  11. yes, I think it is possible to adjust burn and battery time for SD10 to increase it's range. I haven't tried it but will look into it when i get some free time.
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