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  1. This is happening for me to on Current OB Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I did a full repair. Ran it again the same way and worked! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah just tried again and still no comms after I take out the bandits. Some splash orchids after they tell me proceed direct. Maybe I am not in the trigger zone? I have no idea what is setting the divert comms to go off.
  4. Attempt 1 since patch. Comms still not triggering. After bandits comms continue through rejoin and direct WP, but never get retasked.
  5. Thank you for looking into it and confirming that fixed it.
  6. I have also had all these issues. Wingman will go on the deck after new tasking and order for the first drop at full burner 1000 or so feet at 90knts with known alpha till he runs dry and splashes. This has happened 3 of 6 attempts. Every launch he has insane alpha and just hovers over the water till he eventually starts climbing. One attempt on my way to join 3-1,3-2 they were doing sharp s turns indefinitely... just exited (This was after they said they were pushing no alibis). 3 of 6 attempts no comms after proceed direct wp3. Never got the new tasking or button switch and radio silence after. Also no sure if its a haze layer but the TGP is all but useless 20+ miles out. Its all grainy. Edit* Tried again tonight same alpha problems for wingman on takeoff and got no comms after being told proceed to WP3 direct.
  7. Just happen to me....I may or may not have committed fratricide in frustration afterwards with 800lbs left...
  8. Different problem but issue with the tanker on M2. I was able to refuel on the initial one. On the end of mission tanker option I eventually showed up on tacan but never on comms. I flew next to it for a while with no success getting the default refueling inbound menu option on CH2. Tried on comm2 manually setting 249 as well with no success.
  9. Didnt save a track unfortunately was to happy I passed it that last time lol
  10. no mods. I just ignored the lack of calls on the last run and just contacted Uzi 1-1 and it was fine goin forward after that. Badger was the problem after the MK-82 on the troops
  11. Switched to guns if they are anywhere remotely close...drop bombs on the next one JTAC says target destroyed no further tasking but Mission doesnt continue with who to contact next...just radio silence. I have done this probably 10 + times now
  12. I am at a loss. On the second target for Pinpoint I use the maverick but keep getting blue on blue kill for a paratrooper which is by the apc I am guessing. Is there something I am doing wrong here, should I just use guns? Looking at the tacview the maverick hits then the troop moves to the burning wreckage and dies.
  13. Oxygen is also on by default so I assume all these as well were pilot feedback?
  14. I have tried across several instant start / cold start and custom missions and have noticed the following switches are on vs the A-10C Oxygen - ON, L&R Gen Switch - ON, LR Fuel and Booster Pumps - ON, Radar Altimeter NORM Is this by design or a bug?
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