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  1. I will go through the post and ensure all old ones are removed, below is the live one. We're a community of over 1300 now, and growing, the development of this mission is still in the early days but it's very complex and very cool. If I do say so myself. https://discord.gg/UxYQJT6sNz
  2. Yes like Ziptie said this is a multiplayer thing, solo is hard! But theres always people around waiting to jump in, with people all over the world. I put a discord invite in the OP so no messing about messaging back and forth... https://discord.gg/ENU6uFv
  3. Guys, we're looking for more pilots, and we've moved to Syria. Its been over 6 months since i started this thread and the mission has developed into something else entirely so I've re-written the opening post.
  4. This. But also, the window of performance is subtle with DCS due to the single core nature of it. May I ask, do you use VR? Also what is your CPU/GPU and what is your memory capacity and speed? A lot of the time I see people running high spec GPU with CPU's that cannot keep up, interestingly to slow you GPU down turn up some settings that are GPU dependant to enable the CPU to keep up. Better looking and more and more consistent frames.
  5. PravusJSB

    Strange VR bug

    Either that or you might have died...
  6. Thats a worry. Seems bad for me, but I suspect its a local issues. DCS was running incredibly smooth until Oculus pushed that last update on me...
  7. I do not have the time to take on the project as I have too many of my own but I don't mind consulting and assisting with how you need to code it, I can see how that can be done.
  8. There is no easy way, this is not something provided to us through the SSE. There are some ways of updating and manipulating that grid with Hooks but it's going into some advanced lua. Even then im not sure any manipulation on the server side would be reflected on the client.
  9. I think you'll find the weather system a bit lacking to be able to achieve this. I have this document saved, might help? I can create storms the blow all the tree's over sideways (seriously, did you know they did that?), but still wont be localised or 'dynamic' in the respect they come and go. and the AI wont take off past about 25knts wind in most cases. It might be a pointless pursuit atm. DCS Dynamic Weather v1 (by Yakbeard) (1).pdf
  10. This latest PTC update killed DCS performance, GPU utilisation of 10-20% almost all the time, stuck in 20fps mode and I can't seem to fix it. I've gone back to stable release (v18?) but thats just as bad, and now I cant get back to the release I was using as if I try with Win10 sysRestore then the Rift bricks itself >< Anyone foun d this, or better yet, found a solution?
  11. Sorry for the delay, I've not been on the forums for a while, yes we still fly, and it has to be said the campaign has evolved somewhat since this posting.
  12. I can help you with that, can you contact me on my Discord, in my sig ;)
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