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  1. I feel your pain. I struggled mightily until a) I practiced a lot and b) I switched to a VR headset. These days I can plop it down pretty regularly without much drama.
  2. I found the experience to be so much improved with VR that I can't imagine going back. The resolution is not as high, and there are some nuances that need to be adjusted to (things like the color MFD's require adjusting each flight to make the moving map readable) but on the balance it's amazing. I struggled mightily with carrier landings until I switched to VR and now I can plop it on the deck without much fuss.
  3. I had the same issue, also specific to the harrier but not other modules, but after putting in a small dead zone on my axis tune it appears to be resolved. I don't know whether you have a dead zone set, or not, but you might try that if you don't.
  4. I really don't know what a "real" response is. What I do know is that my stick must have a little twitch in it so with no dead zone Alt Hold would veer off after a little while and I would start circling. I also find the curve allows me (and at 60 I need all the help I can get) a bit more precision in handling.
  5. Chock this one up to user error (aka stupidity.) It's been quite a while since I tried out a new plane and completely neglected to set up my stick axis. So basically I was using a straight linear response with no dead zone at all. After setting it up to my "standard" deadzone-3, Curve-15, everything is great. :) It's still takes more attention than a FBW plane, as you have all pointed out, but at least it feels controllable and Alt Hold works perfectly.
  6. I've recently started learning the AV8. My experience to date has been with FBW planes, i.e. F-18, F-16 and M-2000C and I'm struggling with AV8 handling. Here's some examples of my issues. 1) I can setup a clean plane, fly at roughly 350 knots and set AFC and Alt Hold. The plane will fly along for a few minutes and then begin banking and stay in a 20-30 degree turn. I can steer out of the turn and reset the AFC/Alt hold and it will fly along again for a few minutes until it happens again. 2) I really struggle with trimming the plane. I (sort of) understand that as a non-FBW it is sensit
  7. Thanks! I did cut a corner in the area that you mention. :thumbup:
  8. Question on 1st mission (spoilers) The first time I tried this a couple of SU-25's spawned after 2-3 minutes circling north of the air show. The 2nd time I circled around for over 10 minutes, never exceeding 3 miles from WP6 and never going south of the waypoint and nothing ever spawned. I exited as I guessed a trigger failed someplace but now I'm wondering if the spawning is random and maybe no attack will happen?
  9. I just copied all the files to my new SSD and then modified the shortcut to point to the new installation. Seems to work fine.
  10. I really like: Operation Cage the Bear The Serpents Head campaign M2K converted campaign. I’m recommending these because I’ve played them. There are several others queued up that I’ll be doing soon.
  11. a) do you need to TDC select once the TPOD is pointed at the target prior to launch and b) Undesignate won't boresight the TPOD but cage/uncage will I believe.
  12. Success. Please ignore my problem as turning off AV allowed the install to complete.
  13. So after reading threads regarding other install problems I turned off AV. It seems to be doing "something" now. Hopefully it will complete an install and all will be well. :)
  14. I've had stable installed for a long time but decided to install the open beta also so that I can try some of the new F-16 training missions. Everything seems to go okay until it reaches the stage of "copying files from D:\Program Files". At this point it just hangs up and will not progress. If I cancel the installation and try to run the Open Beta installation it will end up at the same place, hung up again. Any thoughts?
  15. So after deleting the standalone PG directory, unlinking steam DCS from standalone, uninstalling steam DCS, reinstalling steam DCS, relinking to standalone and running repair to reinstall the PG files everything works. Changing the virtual memory did not help so my best guess is a corrupted file that was not detectable by the repair function. Thanks to all for suggestions and ideas that helped get this resolved!
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