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  1. I just complied a brand new build.... Yesterday things were actually fine... The trouble started when I started to tweak the graphics.. The game now doesn't load in full screen. I tried by checking the full screen box... After the game loads again it only shows partial screen and graphics are enlarged... I tried to readjust but it seems to be frozen in G SYNC... I tried a fresh install but that didn't help..... Does anyone know how to fix this ?????
  2. I'm personally quite pleased with the great job that Eagle had done with the carrier mod,, But the mission editor needs some real attention... The graphics engine is really showing it age... This was developed about the same time as release of Lockon ..... The infantry is still the same Russian soldiers with very bland features and those ugly camo helmets. The rendering of the flight onboard the carrier is top draw Why not use the same method of the deck crew to simulate the enemy... Also the buildings are really flat looking Since the new map area includes that very troubled regio
  3. player grapics All right I found this file that solved my question.... Its called How to Optimize Nvidia control panel.... This has increased my graphics to very acceptable levels
  4. I'm really pleased that we finally have the module... Its certainly going to be a lot of studying to become really proficient at it.. There's just one thing that I'm not to sure about is the quality of the graphics... I have a Nivea RTX 2080 OC but the graphics are not that clear... Is there a way to adjust the settings to achieve a better picture...
  5. More Choppers Desired I've been creating some carrier based missions.. I've been been placing AH-1W's onboard the frigates... I really think that AH-1W if it was made into a Marine or Navy Module it would really add to the simulation''' At least that's my opinion.. (LOL) Blaze
  6. Thanks Guys .... All of your information was very helpful... I managed to use a toggle switch on my warthog throttle... That solved this problem, now I can get back to flying my Harrier (LOL)
  7. HI....I've been flying the Harrier since it was first released .. I've always had an issue with the throttles not functioning.. I did have this under control but I took a small brake from flying and just recently have gone back to mission building.... I 've forgotten the sequence to enable the throttle... Could some one help me with this Maybe a key board button ? Blaze
  8. My hope is that the missions that took so much time to develop will still be accessible with the new module,,, If not a I guess I can rewrite them... My missions have all been written in Open Beta format, so I imagine that they can be accessed in the new Mod but that's just a wish (LOL).... Blaze
  9. give me a brake... This forum hosts a lot or animosity,and it hasn't changed in quite a few years... What"s wrong with posting something that I thought might be helpful to the community.. New here? Check out the year that I joined this forum.... I'm hardly new here guy
  10. Coming March 25 This game will unlock in approximately 12 days Pre-Purchase DCS: Supercarrier Was just looking in the Steam website and they posted the above.. I don't think that after waiting all of this time, that it won't be long now....
  11. Come on... There are some of the developers answering other threads… So why not this one.. Could it be that they just don't have all of the answers yet. Still it would be nice if they would post once in a while... Maybe there still on vacation (LOL)
  12. How do you actually see this as clear....And what list are you referring to ???? I would like to see one of developers refer to these posts here...; Isn't this the super carrier thread?
  13. Again these issues should be answered by the developers,, But the developers don't seem to be present in this thread.... Or it could possibly be that they don't actually know as of yet...
  14. I would really like to see some more updated data.. This whole thing is really too obscure,,, Were really being left a little to much in the dark... What were actually seeing is every one making wild guess as to what's going to actually happen …. I really think that this would be more professional if some of the developers would get more involved in presenting updates.. And maybe we could see a roadmap of all of the planed functions.. Anyway that's my view point.., I hope that none becomes offended... ~Blaze
  15. Yes, I’ve been here since the Flanker....I really had to wait a long time for the F/A-18. Now I’m waiting for the release of the Super Carrier.... once this is released this will really be a revelation of Marine Corps carrier duty in the Persian Gulf... This has taking years to accomplish but will be outstanding.... We have come a long way from the old Flanker days... Blaze
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