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  1. Ho ! I thikh I forgot game mode avionic... I will uncheck that and I let you know...
  2. Thanks for your answer. But I did ! I only fly in sim mode. I did'nt check game mode flight, and I've selectted FA 18 SIm to assign the controls.
  3. Hi, I got the spitfire, the FA-18 and Normandy. I can't use the buttom as I want. I have set the flaps and the trim correctly for the FA-18 in controlers tab but when I fly, nothing happens... I have to click with mouse to flaps to up or down them. I can't do disappear the pilot with Rshift P... With the spitfire, impossible to assign buttom or key to reassign coil and starter buttom... What can I do ?
  4. Hi I've this msg when I try to log in DCS... Cannot exit offline mode due to hardware ID change. Ask for support. WHat can I do ?
  5. My first recorded (second success !)
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