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  1. Even with stock you see ghosting, check out the edges of the drop tanks in this video at the start
  2. Tested for the past hour in 2.7.2 and all seems to be compatible with this version.
  3. Yeah I remember you leafer, welcome back
  4. Did anyone notice the much better looking water in the two videos Wags demoed today?
  5. While we wait for official changes from ED there is the shader edits mod that help with the water, both in terms of colour and reflectivity.
  6. @Gravy Jonesno idea mate I never use mod managers so I am unsure, best method to me is the direct application of files manually to the game directory - 99% of people who use this mod have no major issues. v0.96 is uploaded today with some minor adjustments to the water reflectivity brightness and a workaround for the black/white sparkly dots sometimes seen when camera is very low on water looking towards distant horizon.
  7. @Dave317 open grass.fx with Notepad++ and goto line 329: o.color.a *= input.params.z*1.5; // height scale by distance edit the figure above in bold to increase/decrease height. Also a heads up - mod pack v0.95 is uploaded in first post which includes an attempt of reducing the cloud reflections on water surfaces.
  8. For the distant shimmer - try bumping up your 'far_clip' parameter in graphics.lua to a higher amount, say 300000 just for a test.
  9. Just updated and SSAA 1.5 works perfectly again here, thanks ED
  10. Only 1.5 SSAA is the culprit, 2xSSAA works fine.
  11. Try this - open water.fx with Notepad++ (DCS World OpenBeta\Bazar\shaders\enlight) and goto line 343 and change it to: float deepFactor = calcWaterDeepFactor(water_depth, -0.3); this will drastically change the water transparency - one thing to bear in mind, it does not suit the Caucasus Sea map as it's too clear for that body of water and looks wrong, this edit is best for PG and Syria maps.
  12. Guys please give the attached droplets.fx a try (insert at DCS World OpenBeta\Bazar\shaders\enlight folder) droplets.fx
  13. Please take a look at my latest shader mod update 0.91, it includes a workaround for this problem
  14. v0.91 uploaded in first post, added adjusted water.fx to mitigate the water transparency so it looks far less clearer (example here )
  15. 'Effects. Updated smoke presets' interested to know more on this.
  16. In recent v0.9 I have edited the grass2.fx shader to produce slightly taller and thinner blades.
  17. You can force the draw distance of clouds further by modifying far_clip = 150000; in your graphics.lua to whatever you like, 300000 is a good ballpark.
  18. Try using maxfps = 0; this will remove any FPS cap.
  19. https://beebom.com/what-is-nvidia-fast-sync-enable/
  20. Try using FAST SYNC instead from within your nvidia control panel, it is tear free and doesn't suffer from the halving of FPS from 60 to 30 as you describe (also remember to untick VSYNC in DCS options otherwise it will override the nvidia control panel setting)
  21. This may be useful for pre-2xxx or 3xxx card users but those with more recent cards they might have trouble with this driver set as it might not support it.
  22. Yeah I slightly altered the haze a bit to mask some of the overly blue horizon that's seen at certain times, I personally have not found this to have degraded the image quality. DO NOT use 2.5.6 version with 2.7 as it will cause problems, performance should be no different from stock.
  23. Pack is now at v0.7 in first post, added some more features.
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