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  1. While the "Draw" mode is selected, the coordinate field is not updated with the mouse cursor's position - this makes it rather difficult to draw airspace boundaries from Lat-Long coordinates. Is there a way to fix it? Cheers
  2. All you can do is to place a static aircraft at the holding point, and once your traffic lands destroy it and replace it with a live one. Or you can go into timings and distances and experiment at what distance the AI initiates a go-around if the runway isn't free - and by the time it gets there just make the aircraft taxiing into a static object and continue making it taxi once your aircraft has landed. You can play around with vehicles though, they don't influence runway usage.
  3. If you want to make sure you're looking at the right file, look up the one mentioned in the error message. It should be located where the error message says it. It only stays there while your DCS session is open, so I'd just switch tasks and look at it right away. There you can figure out which of your LUAs have the issue if you have multiple loaded.
  4. Some countries don't have an option to add infantry units through the Mission Editor. There are a few important ones too. Could you perhaps add them? Even if they're basic models with an AK/M16 it'd be more than nothing. Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Honduras, India, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, North Korea, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, The Netherlands, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Yugoslavia
  5. Huh, I missed that completely, I wonder why was it red. Anyhow, thanks for checking it out and letting me know!
  6. La Combattante II, P224 and P225
  7. I'm planning on making one for my campaign, I'll post it here once it's ready
  8. If an unknown track is selected and it's PLID is changed to Friendly or Hostile, the aircraft type is revealed. If it classified back as UNK, it's hidden again.
  9. Tried it, taxied from EL3 to CAT4. Requested launch, nothing happens... I'm not alone but every other aircraft are inactive yet. Taxiing to CAT2 (while the assignment would be CAT1) works. So only CAT3/4 doesn't work. No arrivals, the people are out there they just don't react.
  10. Check, will try. Yet if I taxi to the assigned CAT there's no need to request it. But thanks!
  11. If the player taxies to a catapult which is not the one that he's parking spot is designated for, the catapult crew doesn't react, no marshaling, no indication anymore. It used to work and it wouldn't matter if we had proper taxi guidance. ie. spawning on Elevator 3(front), the designated catapult would be CAT1. Taxiing to CAT3 will not trigger the deck crew into action.
  12. Static objects with type FARP, Single Helipad, Oil rig, Gas platform can't be destroyed. No errors in the log, but the object stays on. It seems like it affects the objects which have an ATC frequency. StaticObject.getByName('Static FARP-1'):destroy() no_static_object_destroy.trk no_static_destroy.miz
  13. Many aircraft types from the modern aircraft arsenal seem to miss the datalink functionality, which they have in real life in some form. This forces players to deviate from IRL procedures, ie. tanker rendezvous. Please consider allowing the option of turning EPLRS (until the other datalink standards become available) for the following aircraft types and leave it up to the mission editors/player if they want to use it: A-10A, AV-8B, C-130, C17A, F-117, F/A-18A, KC-135, KC-135MPRS, KC-130, S-3B, S-3B Tanker
  14. The S-3B Tankers seem to not extend the refueling basket unless there's a HOLD task defined after the Tanker task. I've tried it with the ME and also by scripting and the result is the same: as soon as you add a HOLD task after the tanker task it works properly. If it is left alone however, although you can contact the tanker and it'll turn on the lights it will not extend the basket - no matter what you do, no matter how close you are. This makes enroute refueling impossible, please fix this ASAP. Thank you! Mission and track file included. nobasket.miz no_basket_extended.trk
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