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  1. You a little upset that the Apache’s systems are better than the shark’s?
  2. Being sort of rhetorical, a crosshair over your eye vs. a full screen FLIR infront of your eye. Not to mention the Shark's gun has very limited traversal, while the apache has something like 180 degrees. They just don't seem comparable to me.
  3. I’ve killed light armor and trucks with the shark’s gun between 4000m and 4500m np. Any further and the rounds explode in air. I can’t recall exactly where they air burst… might be 4300. At 4000m+ If you’re hovering low the round dispersion is severe so you end up using a bunch of ammo. But if that BTR needs to die at this range then you can do it with the gun edit: and the hmd continuous fire option for the shark’s gun is present but just not on par with what the Apache does. Crosshair vs flir?
  4. So… like I was saying… lazing for fast movers is going to be a hoot.
  5. The Apache’s gun has something like 90degree swivel left and right, the aiming of the gun can be slaved to your eye, and the sensor overlay is the whole screen not just a crosshair like the shark. It will kill all the same stuff the shark gun can but do it more effectively and do it at night lol. Whether or not it can pop an MBT at rear aspect close range is irrelevant to me. edit: oh and they both have about 4km range
  6. If you don’t enjoy modern aircraft then you probably won’t see much to enjoy in the Apache. But this helo is more capable than anything else we have in rotary wing. One of the best parts is that we’ll finally have a proper laser designator so we can hide somewhere in hover at safe distance and designate targets for fast movers. Further, the Apache is made for night operations so we’ll be able to combine forces with f16s, f18s, a10s, maybe f14s and do some fun night op target designation or destruction. The 30mm is going to be ridiculous good fun considering you can slave it to your eye and just erase things you don’t like while flying. The gun on the shark and hind is fun too and effective in their own ways but I don’t think theyll hold a candle to the Apache gun. Im not exactly clear on the fun feeling you’re looking for but yes the Apache has way more systems to manage than the hind.
  7. Will we get the Kiowa before the Strike Eagle though?
  8. The 30mm (or whatever it is) on the blackshark is quite effective even without the frag damage. I’m pretty sure it’ll kill infantry (HE selected) and it takes out light vehicles at 4km using area damage. In that regard it’s a lot of fun and reminds me of the Apache gun. I didn’t realize it at first but the hind’s gun only has AP ammo currently, making it miss our expectations. Though I think it wouldn’t be so bad having an AP cannon if the HE rockets weren’t so completely terrible. If the blackshark’s gun can be used as a reference point for the Apache gun then I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m sure it’ll be fun. And yes those videos online show Apache 30mm with a 15 meter spread but that’s at like 3000m distance and fired from an angle. That’s a really good balance between AOE for infantry/moving targets/groups but precision enough to hit where you need it. I wouldn’t worry about that aspect either. Lazing for fast movers is going to be where it’s at anyways
  9. As an aside, tanker locate/intercept method told to me by a hornet pilot is simply briefed location plus radar usage
  10. Learnt something today. Thanks. Was wondering why NWS/undesignate cycled tracks even in RWS.
  11. I too never heard any follow up on what happened with sungho and the ai dogfight. Anything? Also I’m curious if there will be another FoH tournament this Fall. edit: oh lawd look at the drama I missed. For what it’s worth I appreciated the rules to keep it closer to real life. I’m here to try and sim not play arcade. Just my personal take. I’m sure there’s lots of other tournaments with no limits and flying the jet until it’s out of fuel etc etc. One singular tournament that has real world restrictions seems good to me.
  12. Is it possible for a fuel tanker within 10nm to notch the 18s radar? I was trying night time AAR a few days ago. I was approaching tankwr using the bugged out A/A tacan thing but then I wanted to lock him up to close the final distance. He was co Alt with me and I think flying left to right or right to left. I couldn’t get him to pop up on radar or SA for more than a split second. I got a soft lock on him once in Tws but it disappeared immediately. Radar scan elevation had him in between the values. Scan width was down to like 60 deg. I believe it was at 4B. I’m not proficient in radar use yet but I didn’t think it would take much messing around to pick up a giant fuel tanker under 10nm at co Alt?
  13. I meant to quote a specific post claiming that DCS WW2 wasn't as big becuase young guys just wanna fly the fast modern jets or something. I think DCS WW2 has an impressive foundation, it just needs a little more and it'lll be golden. I really hope one day they also do a WW1 package like Flaming Cliffs 3.
  14. Im a younger dude and I like the modern stuff, and also WW1 / WW2 stuff. I also know a lot of 20-30 year old simmers who are in to ww1 ww1/ ww2. Why isn’t the ww2 scene as big here? Personally I like dcs more than all other sims. But the headache with cost of entry for dcs ww2, and poor spotting, and lack of aircraft diversity, are all problematic given the competition. There’s also a lot of simmers out there who want nothing to do with clickable cockpits and full systems modeling. Also, p47 is on my wishlist. I want to get into growling sidewinder’s multiplayer mission when it releases
  15. Lots of crossed streams. I want to steal peoples’ hellfires mid air
  16. If you prefer the full travel on your pedals then keep it that way. I think they (dcs rudder axes) aren’t responsive enough and require too much throw for primary tasks. And then newcomers also wonder why they are having to step the pedal all the way over and sometimes don’t have enough to counter the torque. So I routinely suggest -15
  17. If you want a jet you first gotta figure out what sort of thing you like. Modern or Cold War? Naval or Land based? A/A, Attack, or Multirole? F18 for multirole naval F16 (or j17) for multirole land based A-10 for attack land based Harrier for attack naval f14 for a/a naval Mirage for a/a land based edit: I own f18, f16, f14, mirage. I enjoy all of them and if I were single with no kids I’d deep dive into all of them. But with limited time and having to choose only one to get proficient in, I’ve chosen the hornet. I prefer naval ops, multirole, and robust modern systems to do lots of neat things.
  18. I’ve flown this way for years now in DCS. You absolutely need the precision and responsiveness in landing, take off, and hover. The behavior in game of pedals doesn’t seem to accurately depict how sensitive they are in real life. Add on to that lack of sensitivity a spring and it becomes burdensome. I leave my crosswinds spring in because I frequently fly fixed wing too. Regardless, there’s never been a time when i thought I lacked precision in forward flight with the -15 curve. All corrective pedal actions can be done with less movement. Just try it for a bit to appreciate the increased responsiveness where it’s needed most: takeoff, landing, hover. if you don’t like it then don’t keep it. But I personally won’t go back to neutral curve on pedals.
  19. As stated, for appropriate sensitivity. So you don’t have to boot it to the floor constantly.
  20. It’s a perfect fit. And they are focused on ww2 regardless of your perception that ww2 isnt lucrative.
  21. And for starters you should, IMO, set your rudder axis curve to -15 to give it an appropriate amount of sensitivity.
  22. For flyable planes you’d probably be best served with the mid war stuff. So, something like Nieuport 17 and Spad 7 vs. Albatross D.III for the flyable planes, and then add in a AI recon plane from both sides. Not sure of the proper ones for mid war but maybe the DH.4 and the German Aviatik. Assets would need to be Aerodrome stuff: hangers, tents, barracks, and AA MGs/Flak. Also some covered trucks, a couple tanks, and infantry. Fuel and ammo trucks for rearming. Then general map stuff for the map itself. Trees, rivers, lakes, the no mans land with trenches and burnt out towns, cities on both sides.
  23. The DM for FC is one of the worst DM’s in existence. None of the planes damage properly at all. In fact it’s so bad that it has killed off the game’s player base
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