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  1. Cool info here. So 360 scan in A/A mode with 8km range so unless I'm a bit slow we're talking a scan covering 16km. A pair of apaches flying hidden could cover quite a lot of territory with that A/A scan and radio intercept information to friendlies. The other thing I was wondering, the Northrup Grunman website that was linked her stated the FCR could provide the "location and classification of up to 256 simultaneous moving and stationary targets. From these, the system then prioritizes the top 16 targets for immediate evaluation and, if desired, engagement by the aircrew." Am I
  2. I think the “through the inferno” mission generator has a Huey troop insertion mission where you land under fire to practice air assault. I’m assuming there’s similar missions for the hip.
  3. I know it’s a sore spot but my understanding is kiowas got canned because apaches can do their job just as good. Not saying I know for a fact that that’s true, just assuming that if we’re simply talking NOE flight and ninja lazing I bet the Apache can do it just fine in terms of DCS. Yeah being lazed onto the Sam by the fast mover would be sweet. Pair of F18s or whatever with targeting pod lazing from long ways off. Can get some good use out of the Apache while it’s in EA as an A model that way, or if for some reason the FCR wouldn’t be able to pick up the target. Or si
  4. Wikipedia says the K and L model hellfires currently in use have 8,700 yd range. So that’s 5 miles publicly. Like I said I had forgotten the number and was just typing from memory. thanks for the insight into the other stuff though
  5. Interesting, thanks for the insight. Plus there’s that unfortunate video of the Apache doing a high altitude Return to target and bouncing the aircraft off the ground.
  6. I don’t understand. Why is it too early? The Apache is supposedly releasing in EA by the end of this year (though I think we’re all expecting a delay). Chuck is a hero
  7. Ok hmm, even if it’s an 8km detection range and no capability to send targeting data electronically, technically you could still sneak a team into enemy territory undetected , detect enemy aircraft, and then radio BRA to friendly planes. Assuming friendly awacs can’t see the area. I know the hellfires have a medium range of like 7-11 nm. Cant remember exact number. But presumably you could find a hidey spot and then laze targets from further away than that to help fast movers deliver payload. That’s a buddy laze thing though not FCR related. Just thinking about scenarios
  8. I’m confused as to why apaches and Kiowas can share targeting data but they can’t share with jets. Is it a compatibility issue? As the poster stated, the lack of link16? oh and I didn’t realize it had such a short (8km) range
  9. First what does FCR stand for? Since it’s a dome I assume it’s 360 degrees that you can look at? Or no? Is it ground radar only, or air as well? Or does it behave differently than I would expect given experience with dcs jets? Would it be reasonable to assume a decent Apache (or Kiowa for that matter) pilot in multiplayer could maneuver to a forward position , hide amongst trees and buildings, and provide datalink radar for ally jets? Apache team or Apache/Kiowa could roll into badguy land , take out some Sam threats, then provide forward radar cove
  10. Effectiveness? PFFT lol. It's the hind. GIMME GIMME.
  11. It’s a D model so there will have to be Radar eventually. My guess is they wanted it released by Christmas 2021, so they were targeting a sort of “A” version in EA that will become the D within a couple years. 30 mike, semi active hellfire, plus the ihadss, pnvs, and tads are what I want anyways, which Is why I always asked for an A model because that’s I believe your basic a model stuff plus the rockets. D model goodies are just icing on my dream cake. I’ve already spent plenty of time in the arma 2 and 3 realism mods which are helpful only in some tactical ideas. But I’ve been d
  12. Someone front me some wealth. I’m gonna go bankrupt in this hobby lol
  13. My 2 cents: All I want for my beloved Huey is a Graphics and sound overhaul for it(and aren’t the mini guns supposed to mount further back next to the rockets?). I want some improved rotorblade fwap fwap fwaps in my headset lmao As to new variants, I’d much prefer a uh60 with dynamic campaign or at least a broad range of transport and recovery missions
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