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  1. GMT erleichtert einiges. Macht schon bei der JF-17 Laune! Ob der morgen schon mit einem evtl. Patch schon kommt? Die Wolken und Zypern gibts aber erst mit 2.6.
  2. Jerec


    The Gripen texture on the screenshot is available in the JF-17toGripen file. It´s available for download. I posted the download link few posts above. Here´s the Western Weapons mod for the JF-17. It replaces the SD-10 with AIM-120D, the PL-5 with AIM-9X, the C-701 with Maverick, the LD-10 with AGM-88 and the WMD-7 with AAQ28 Litening. I didn´t add the Meteor missile, because it´s from the Rafale mod. So if you absolutely want the Meteor, download the Rafale mod and replace the Meteor shape with the SD-10 shape. https://www.mediafire.com/file/0txjobb9yv7nh21/Wester
  3. Jerec


    Here the JF-17 Gripen replacement mod. https://www.mediafire.com/file/sf4avk6x5lolmm7/JF-17toGripen.zip/file As it says, it makes the Jeff to Gripen, so make backups!! I recommend the Reworked Cockpit Displays mod for the JF-17 here: JF-17 Reworked Cockpit Displays (digitalcombatsimulator.com) I will upload the Western weapons mod for the JF-17 soon. It will give IRIS-T, AIM-120D, Mavericks and Harpoon and AN/AAQ-28 Litening to the JF-17.
  4. Would be cool to have an SU-30 cockpit.
  5. Jerec


    I made a new swedish texture with a better rough-metal texture. I asked the cdpkobra, the author of VSN mods Gripen to make the flaps work. I think he soon uploads a new Gripen version working with the newest DCS OB version. My Gripen on the screenshot is nothing but a JF-17 with external Gripen shape and the JF-17 weapons with western shapes and preferences. For example the SD-10 has the Meteor-shape and preferences! So this missile is superior to all other medium range A/A missiles!
  6. Jerec


    Here the Gripen with better texture (better rough met) and European weapons (IRIS-T, Meteor and Stormshadow)
  7. The only way to play the Super Hornet is to replace the shape, views.lua, mainpanel_init and FA-18C.lua pylon entries with the standard F-18C. Works fine, but you only have one livery and the Maverick/HUD indicator issue. Don´t know if I´m allowed to upload the neccessary files.
  8. I talked about slewing the TGP in HUD WITHOUT having created a steerpoint in the ME before! Like in the F-18 or JF-17. With steerpoint it workes fine, but without it doens´t.
  9. Sorry it doesn´t work! As you described. A/G mode, GBU selected with CCRP, TGP with snow plough mode (SP) and HUD SOI. Can´t slew the box in the HUD.
  10. With the Maverick it works! But I thought of doing it with GBUs without having created a steerpoint previously. Have tried everything, but no success. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  11. Is there a chance to have the TGP HUD indicator without having creating a steerpoint in the ME previously?
  12. The Superhornet files were available in the download section of the discord server of the Superhornet dev team. Unfortunately this discord server doesn´t exist anymore.
  13. In the changelog today. There is a function added to the hornet: FTT mode for moving targets. Does that mean, that now we can see ground moving targets on A/G Radar? (forward target track?)
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