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  1. Dear Dr.Speed. Are you using the fpsVR builtin 'hotkey' in the Settings, Advanced, "Frames data logging": CTRL-F11 And then you run the numbers yourself from the CSV created? Or are you just using the Median/AVG summary from the 'History Viewer' per run? I'm trying to find the best way to get consistent results every time. I'm not sure if I trust the fpsVR to exclude the frames before the flight starts, before we mange to press 'fly' and start the run. @ShaunX, may I ask the same as above, are you running the CSV output and you crunch the
  2. Keep in mind, the 'first time' you start up an app/game in Windows it takes longer to do so, filesystem caching and more things. DCS behaves very much in the same way. On fast nVME systems it still takes quite long time to load for the first time of the day. The next time you start, it will be quicker. Perhaps as an experiment, let it run startup for even longer - perhaps your system has some other things making it tougher to start up for the first time. Maybe you prematurely closed it before it was fully loaded in. Oh, and add your DCS-folder to your Ant
  3. An absolutely stunning study of the effects of 'everything' affecting VR performance in DCS, in a scientific manner. And one that has taken the time to explain how & why the effects occur. Much kudos to you sir! I'll definitely spend a weekend going through the list and improving my own rig. Thank you Dr. Speed. o7
  4. Thank you, I didn't expect anything outside of WWII to be part of this promise. But as you said, it wasn't part of the KS, which was perhaps the confusing part for me. I believed it to include the channel map which appeared to be a smaller copy of the Normandy. Hence why I asked. o7
  5. Hi, just an open question really, since there may be more backers wondering the same. Should the Channel Map have been added to our access as part of the "Normandy Map, Normandy Map Alpha access and copy of any Eagle Dynamics developed DCS product"? Perhaps I misunderstood the qualification sentence there. Cheers. o7
  6. Op, what do you wish to get out of the kind of query you're asking? It's a personal preference, it depends on the situation, airframe, bodily needs, how long I've been at the office. Etc and so forth. Right now while training I do manual, but I do autostartup quite often in MP because then I can have a short break from the screen.
  7. Qiou87, allow me to pitch in as a VR user. But don't be distracted from Flappie advisory because he's quite precise with his predictions. In the past with my own experience of Apple & Adobe software integrations I've had some negative impact on the smoothness how my games runs. These can sometimes do background sync against Apple & Adobe cloud services, adding to the processing you need to have available for VR. Perhaps you could try to make a new profile in the msconfig, where you do the 'hide all Microsoft services' and then go through the list and uncheck all other Adobe/appl
  8. Ah hm, nice observation. I checked mine as well. .\Saved Games\DCS\fxo is up to date, as of the time I updated my openbeta a few days ago. No older entries. .\Saved Games\DCS\metashaders2 does contain some older files from Dec 2019, Jan + March 2020 as well. I'm not entirely sure I have any problems related to stutter/graphics though. I'll keep an eye on it.
  9. I would be willing to pay for such a module as it has a promise to fund improvement on the areas mentioned, and improve it for all users. It's a good idea when a good part of the community is willing to invest in further improvement on the core platform. Better still, ED is willing to align the goals with the community for whats practical for ED and desired by the community. Of course, not always all the goals can be met (for practical reasons) but it's a significant improvement if you do deliver on this. I like this new ED. Go for it!
  10. Thanks, I do understand. Perhaps some frosty winter night. Or day.
  11. "As a user, I'd like to get notified in the topbar (or somewhere close to my Profile Name) when someone quotes my post or makes a mention so I can quickly jump to the post where ever who quoted/polled me." Perhaps a tiny "(3)" icon-badge (in the case I have 3 unread mentions) which I could click on and be taken to a page which all mentions or taken to the 'last unread mention'. I'm not concerned about getting email for it, because email management is too great as it is. I know this may be difficult under the circumstances with the current forum-software, but I thought I make a request reg
  12. First and foremost; A huge thanks for providing such excellent and nice guides. I absolutely love using them for learning a new airframe. May I ask something for future versions (not asking for a full redesign of whats been released)? Background: Due to VR and lack of physical surroundings I convert many of the pages over to the kneeboard. Since the kneeboard is a portrait-mode page I snip mostly the left part of the pages, at a roughly 4:3 ratio. And it works great for most pages as I get the gist of what I need to remember in the procedures (for startup and like). Question: Wou
  13. Thanks for the clarification, good to understand. And thanks for bringing the feature, it's been a minor grief for many of us at some stage where we had to do some troubleshooting. One step less to deal with when there are issues.
  14. Just an additional tip. I've had similar issues on one of my rigs, where there card was removed and reset while playing some games. I did the same usual as you have done, little effect. The next step I took was to reseated the GPU adapter in the slot as well as cleaning it with airpressure. First attempt made it worse. Then I reseated it (and a couple of other adapters) yet again and got rid of my problem. In case you go down the path and still have no sensible solution you may want to try it.
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