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  1. Display extraction is handled through DCS. No external program needed. It's done through LUA files. I had messed with it a small bit, but moved to VR and extraction was no longer needed.
  2. In missile over ride(DGFT FWD), you lock targets like normal. The full triangles are locked using TMS up. However, one thing to note about the 16 radar. It's not as powerful as the 18 radar or other similar aircraft. Small fighter aircraft are harder to lock at longer distances. Your best bet for getting locks with the 16 is within 40 miles. You can do longer on larger targets like bombers. As for the 14 PAL mode, the 16 has no such mode. DGFT is the only mode similar and it's 10 miles or closer.
  3. Do you use/have Steam? Since DCS is available on Steam, that may be an option you can try.
  4. If you realize how many variations of F-16's there are, then you start to understand why a company would limit itself to doing just 1 version. There are a lot of blocks of F-16's. A models, 1, 5, 10, 15, 20(FMS), and that's not including any sub blocks of each of those blocks. C models, 25, 30, 32, 40, 42, 50, 52, 60(FMS), and again not including any sub blocks or the many avionics software and hardware variations. It's taken ED this long just to do 1 block with a particular avionics software/hardware config. So adding in all the other possible variations, is a task that would be insurmou
  5. At what speed are you having to slow down from in order to get the mains to retract? I haven't had or seen any issues where the gear is slow to retract.
  6. Suggestion: Go back to the old forums and start again, this time build a design based on user interface.
  7. Just a couple of things to check for real quick, ensure you are in AG mode, and make sure the SOI diamond is on the correct display.
  8. Experienced the same issue on PG MP map as well. HSD waypoints stayed the same, but INS nav waypoints became unusable.
  9. Also need codes for US systems since some MP maps use a mix of systems for base defense.
  10. Try this and see what happens
  11. The HUD Compass moves according to which master mode you have selected at the time, i.e., NAV, A-A, or A-G.
  12. Since the first 2.5.6 open beta patch, when I run the open beta, the entire dcs window, instead of opening at 0,0 per the lua file, opens in the middle of the screen. As such, you cannot access anything that is off screen. Deleting any of the lua files or the config file changes nothing. Even starting in VR does the same thing. 2.5.5 opens perfectly as it should. Attached a pic. I have uninstalled/reinstalled open beta, no change. Tried changing the 1 camera lua file and any numbers place for position are completely ignored, whether positive or negative numbers, and do not move the scre
  13. Page 21: Master Caution Light: "it does not illuminate with caution lights", is incorrect. In the F-16, any caution light will illuminate the Master Caution Light.
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