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  1. Hi LeCuvier; Sorry for MY mistakes on this.I appreciate a lot your tips on it.It works very well.Thank's a lot men.
  2. HI Lecuvier, I do a full repair because all my key bindings are corrupted...even my axis too.Even i back-up my default.lua in the directory that you pointed earlier.
  3. HI Lecuvier, I follow all the procedure discribed;but,I lose everything in the axis command and some of function/axis diseaper or missing and all others joysticks command missing too...hum,what i mess in your procedure.Can you make a better way to show how? Thank's
  4. Hi LeCuvier; This mod pass the integrity check?Did I remake all bindings for the controllers? Thank's a lot.
  5. I'm pretty sure in that the clouds systems in the DCS 2.7 version is the beginning of the loss of frame rate in VR.It's really nice in 2D and this why i'm not flying in VR mode because a this massive frame drop in VR at least half of the 2D mode.Clouds in very angry VRAM consummer in VR a maybe ED will make an option a disable clouds in the VR menu option at least in Open beta version and see if VR users see a regain in fluid flying in MP or others missions or campaigns.I'm not sure that we on ourselves to find a solution on this concern but by ED.I make a test by editiong a simple mission with and without clouds...it's amazing on how clouds is consumming ressources.The clouds is a fine things but by the way it is manage in DCS is not good in VR.
  6. Hi everyone; I still flying DCS (stable or open version) but not in VR since the new version of DCS...the 2.7...,definitely ED need to make this simulator running on multicores not on only 2.Everyone want to upgrade their stuff computing system to have the performance needed to run it decently and even that,it's desappointing a lot.DCS must evolve to this decade.You see a lot of mods to compensate the huge problem that ED will not take seriously.The main point is they have not a serious competitor to push them to upgrade this simulator.You begin to see some most viewed youtuber flying IL2 and some return to BMS...because even if you upgrade your computer at the max(max $$$$ too...),it still disapointing.A real upgrade of the core of DCS is needed.
  7. I land on grass runway often in my lifetime as pilot...and yes,you can hear some squeek on landing.It's depend only on humidity and the type of the soil under it.
  8. I'm interested!Not speaking in english very well but surely a fan of A-10C II!How to join your group?
  9. I wish to upgrade soon and I really don't know where to go with new cpu's (AMD or Intel) and graphics cards (nVidia or AMD)....I really want to perform well for VR. Thank's a lot guys!
  10. I'm nearly 10 years that i fly DCS.For the last 3 years i fly it in VR.I hear often that Eagle Dynamics will update is graphic engine to accommodate those flyers who use this device like others sims or gaming on the market.I will not support another module or terrain of DCS if this company not update is engine or make a version of DCS that have a really support for this.It's nearly a joke,you are developing a new modules that are not really ready to use and selling it at high prices...we serve at cobaye to debugging your products.It's a shame.Be proud and honest in your business activities and give what all of us wanted.
  11. 9900K (5 ghz) with 32gb of ram(at 3200 Mhz) and 2080Ti.I run at 80 fps in multiplayer.
  12. I fly a DCS A-10C II and letters on UFC and CDU is nearly unreadable in VR (oculus rift S)...I try some things but with no effects.Did you have some tips or mods to have a readable dash in my A-10C?I put my settings to a minimum to have a good FPM in multiplayer;so,if someone have an idea on it...
  13. Hum...Someone have make a test with a 3090 and Oculus Rift S?Can you put settings in DCS to maximum with this combo?Again,thank's a lot guys.
  14. Yep...I see these cards run on PCIe 4x...so my motherboard Z390 have a PCie 3x...do you think that will work with these new cards with on my motherboard?
  15. Thank's a lot everybody for your good advices! Funflite.
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