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  1. ooh yes, definitelly... Thansks for staying on the ball...
  2. So sad that updates or fixes are breaking down so often what was already done in A/A radar. While focus is on less essential A/G radar (is so with use of modern ordinance and pod) I could only wish the A/A part could at least be somewhat on spot and bug free. That's a bigger priority TBH... (sorry if it looks like ranting, not my usual doing normaly)
  3. same. lost antenna elev in TWS. even turning radar off and back on didnt solve it. bindings checked in the adjust controls menu, all fine there... next mission it was working dine again so I m not sure of the sequence to reproduce the glitch
  4. I got some new switches to play with. they click nicelly and audibly. they are also backlit if I want to go that route too... 2 models present and I can easely fit the smallest one in the button openings the larger ones requires some changes in Brun's design so I ll leave them for another project...
  5. Yes, that works out that way, go A/A, stores page on the left DDI, SCS left will take U to AZEL. if I select again the store page (via ddi buttons) and go SCS left again, it stays on stores not going to AZEL anymore. I guess it's because I reselected a priority page like stores or FLIR... If I select HUD or FUEL or MIDS or whatever other less essential page for A/A while in A/A, SCS left brings me back to AZEL indeed but not if it's stores page. So on first selection of A/A with stores on left DDI, it does the switch but if I manually selected stores beforehand, it will not trans
  6. Thanks guys, thatvs a good start. Will try those settings andd see how it goes. I agree with the comment saying that in dcs, flight models are simulated to be the closest with no curve and I dont have any on the f14 or f18 but this fssb being a different animal.... Thanks anyway. Will check those settings. Any Nasa for pitch too? BR
  7. hey guys, what should be the best setting of force to set in the stick program and the curves to set within DCS to mimic the best the jet? standard factory forces in the fssb seems high making the jet feels slugish so I dialed them down. Also I m with negative curves and some saturation to makes it more alive but... what will be a realistic curve and force profile? Thanks BR
  8. landed once in Poland with the 737-400 where the qnh was 1052mb. the standby altimeter we had could be set only to max 1050mb. We just added 60ft to what he was saying. lol
  9. Hey Stang! Thanks for the plans! Amazing job! Well worth it! hope to make it look good Regards!
  10. yes, could have gone with less infill but was unsure of some overhang versus solidity of print so... I dont remember about the UFC file but some print shows a faster time if filled 100% in Cura instead of 50 or 60%. I m still testing a lot of settings as I m new to printing but the parameters above made sense to me and the result is what I wanted... I m using the switches that Brun is using but I wanna tey something else too. found these, they are on the way: http://www.honyone.com/en/products/show_104.html Just might have to revise
  11. hey there, I didnt touch the file so the letters are recessed. I printed that sample with my Ender 3d UFC face Up, PLA @ 200deg and bed at 55deg. 55mm/s speed infill 100% and a 0.12mm layer height. took 2 days and a few more hours on the printer. Side panels and Hud panel are done in 0.3mm as they will not be visible... U can do it at 0.2 mm layer as what matters is our last top layer that will be visible. Cura has an option to smooth the last layer too but I didnt selected it. First try, I printed it face down with
  12. thanks. I installed another slicer that seems to accept those other panels that Cura does not want to print... Dunno what that was all about... as for the rest, it's looking good so far...
  13. Hey guys, Dunno why But I ran into some issues with the master arm and the hdg panel. Cura is telling me the file is corrupt. It was opening it fine with Cura 4.7 but 4.8 tells me it s a corrupt file, no matter what I do or even if I download the file again... the master arm file is only 470ish MB, seems small for a piece like that... A good soul to post them back? I m progressing with that build too... lots of fun... I printed it with white PLA, stick some masking paste (or even humbrol maskol) in the letters then primed/p
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