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  1. Whenever I uncage the IR maverick, it is pointed off some other direction than the tank I just found. So then I spend quite a while slewing the mav to point where I want. Is there a way to center/boresight the Mav once it is uncaged? Cage doesn't seem to do it. Back in "ye olden days" (last week) when you could slew to the TPOD, I would have just done it that way. Now I've got no clue. Thanks! Ric
  2. PC Gamer: Nvidia's frame rate boosting DLSS tech is now a simple download for any game developer. https://www.pcgamer.com/nvidia-dlss-free-download/
  3. This was first reported back in May as shown in the link below with no answers or fixes so far. The WebGUI to control the dedicated server shows the wrong mission running. As shown in the image below, the top part of the screen shows the Persian Gulf mission running, while the bottom half shows the Syria-Aleppo mission running. Clicking on any button except the last one on the list runs the mission ABOVE the one selected, but the bottom half of the screen always shows the second mission on the list as being the running mission. As a result, there is no way to run the last mission on the list (since there is no mission below it). The same behavior happens when it comes to removing a mission from the list. If you select a mission and choose to delete it, the mission ABOVE the selected mission is deleted. Again, this means there is no way to delete the last mission on the list. Any ideas from the development team? This has been going on for a LONG while.
  4. Been over a month and this is still an issue. No matter which mission is selected, the second mission is shown as running. Whatever button you click, the mission ABOVE that is the one that runs. If you try to delete a mission, the mission ABOVE the selected mission is the one deleted (making it impossible to delete the last mission on the list). As a workaround, I have found that if I want to delete the last mission on the list, I add the SECOND to the last mission (which will be the new last mission after the delete) to the bottom of the list, then delete the last and next to last missions. So if I have missions 1, 2, and 3 running and I want to delete 3, I add 2 again to the bottom of the list, delete 3 and the second #2 (last on the list), and the list will then read 1, 2. Anyway, this is a pain and isn't how it is supposed to work.
  5. Are you looking at the desktop window or the headset? The settings only display in the desktop window.
  6. Which of the sharpness options? I have LumaSharpen, prod80_05_LumaSharpen, and SmartSharp
  7. Hopefully someone can answer a couple of questions I have about this: 1) With a Reverb G2, I see the changes occurring in the monitor window but not in the HMD. Do I need to tell Reshade where/what my headset is? 2) There are dozens if not hundreds of options to choose from. Anyone have the "Cliff Notes" version for which ones to use? Primary trying to get rid of the standard VR fuzziness and maybe make the color pop a bit more. Thanks! Ric
  8. I was incorrect. There are still at least three problems with this (at least on my server): 1) The mission displayed as "Now Running" in the "List of Missions" section always incorrect. Regardless of which mission in the list is running, the mission above it in the "List of Missions" is always shown as "Now Running." (Correct mission is shown in top pane). 2) When you press the "Run" button next to a mission in the "List of Missions", the mission ABOVE that runs. 3) If you highlight a mission and choose to trash/delete that mission, the mission ABOVE the one you chose is actually deleted. This results in an additional problem, in that you can't delete the last mission on the list, since you can't pick a mission below the bottom mission. I have replaced the "[current]" parameter in serverSettings.lua with "[listStartIndex]" as described above, but it doesn't fix the problem. Any ideas before I nuke and pave? Thanks, Ric
  9. You have to have the throttle up for it to fire. I forget the exact RPM number (around 70% maybe), but push throttle up and it will work. (I had the same problem when they made that change!)
  10. My flying buddies and I have had the same problem since 2.7, specifically when there is wind. No wind--works great. With wind, it's a miss. For reference, my friends and I have been flying DCS for years and have dropped HUNDREDS of laser-guided bombs. We know the procedure. We are doing the steps, but with wind, the bombs always miss by 3-5 meters in only 15 kts of wind. I've heard it explained that the wind saps the energy of the bomb so you have to aim upwind, blah blah blah, but there's a problem with that theory as well--it happens to bombs dropped both upwind AND downwind. If it were energy-related, all upwind bombs would land short (because they couldn't fight the wind), but the downwind bombs should be fine (just more speed to impart to the target). They are just not tracking correctly. EDIT: I just noticed that this post was specifically in the Hornet forum (Did my search from "Weapons Bugs"). But this is not just limited to one aircraft--we have had this problem in the A-10C, the F-16, and the AV-8B (haven't specifically tried the Hornet yet).
  11. When using properly boresighted Mavericks in PRE mode, the Maverick seeker should slave to the TGP when a point track is achieved or when TMS right is selected (if POINT track already active). This works fine against stationary targets, but with a moving target the Maverick does not slave to the TGP correctly--often several hundred yards off. In the attached track, I start off targeting the tank at the north end of the runway. Mav centers on the target. I then target the moving tank on the runway and the Maverick is sighted well off target. Targeting non-moving aircraft end of runway works fine. Target tank by hangar at south end of runway--works fine. Try moving target again and seeker is off target. You have to change SOI to the weapon and slew a significant amount to lock the target. PRE mode moving target bug.trk Maverick PRE mode test.miz
  12. Looks like the documentation got incorporated into the May 2021 version of the DCS F-16 manual ("E/O sub-mode:Cycles between PRE, VIS, or BORE E/O sub-modes. See theEmployment sections, below, for more information on the different sub-modes. You can also toggle sub-modes using the cursor enable button on the throttle quadrant system (TQS)."), but still only works on WPN page.
  13. Nope... back to rapid reset.... A WIDE search with a full table should be 49 seconds. It represents after 4 and never detects SAMsthat I can see on my RWR and my Mark I eyeball. A CTR search sweep is about 13 seconds (I think?). Lasts maybe 3. Same result. Reduce a TBL down to one SAM model? Constant reset, nothing detected.
  14. Oh it tracks--usually at the trees by the road. Stupid tree owls--they had it comin'......
  15. My server dashboard page is showing the wrong active mission on the mission list. For instance, if I have missions A, B, C, and D on the list in that order, when mission A is running the "now running" indicator is by mission B. If I click "RUN" next to mission A, it stays the same. To start a mission I have to select the mission UNDER it (which basically means that the only way to run mission D in this example would be to add ANOTHER mission under that). Bug, or a problem in my setup? Thanks, Ric
  16. Some tips I've learned: If you can't get the AUTO handoff to complete, switch stations (NWS/MSL STEP button) and come back and it will usually work. Though the purpose of the handoff is to align the Maverick's seeker with the TPOD, if there are several targets within the seeker's view, it will NOT necessarily pick the exact one you had selected on the TPOD. You may have to tweak the targeting a bit by changing SOI to the Maverick and selecting your target. When boresighting the Mavericks, try to pick a fairly distant target. If you are a few inches different at 100 Yds, you are several feet or more off at 5nm. If you are passing over a target, even if it looks like the Maverick is locked it may not be--they sometimes go off into la-la-land after launch if the downward angle is too high. Try to be pointing the nose as close to the target as possible. Good luck!
  17. I’m aware of that. But the timer is resetting even without touching or changing anything.
  18. I am having the same problem. TImer should reset if you change something, like WIDE to CTR, or if you change tables, but it is resetting within about 5 seconds in WIDE and within 2-3 secs in CTR. The result is that it is not searching for all radars. For example, I see an SA-10 Big Bird radar on RWR. I turn toward it and choose TBL 1 and WIDE. Timer starts at 49 and goes to about 45 then resets. Never detects BB, even if the SA-10 fires.
  19. The WebGUI for my server shows a different mission than the one actually running. For instance, if the mission list on my server shows A.miz, B.miz, C.miz and D.miz, with B.miz being the "Now Running" mission, the mission actually running is the mission above that (A.miz).
  20. I've had (an am still having) this problem. Not fixed yet.
  21. For some more detail, I can get the TPOD to get a point track, but once I try to switch to the Maverick to launch, it drops the lock and wanders off into Kansas somewhere as soon as I'm not in TPOD HOTAS most.
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