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  1. @Tony86 try my suggestion above, when your cue line is "off" go to mode on bomb and set to "auto" and then back to "CCIP"; let us know the results.
  2. So flying campaign last night I had my ccip bomb line... drift to the side again... I found that you can fix it by selecting the bomb mode back to auto and then back to ccip it realigns the ccip. Not sure if this is a bug or normal or if it helps to fix... but it certainly fixes it in flight.
  3. To tag along on this thread... if a mission is prior to GPS and we flip to IFA... what happens? anything bad? does the alignment get screwed up? If you don't get the P/INS tag (not sure what the official term for those warnings/area are) and you turn to IFA what happens? I've been having issues with the CCIP bomb line as well and I'm narrowing it down to an INS issue. Whether it's a bug or my user error I've yet to determine.
  4. QRF aircraft would be pre flighted by the pilot and the ground crew when they get on duty. Things like INS would be spun up already and sit on ground power. Mission cartridges (not simulated in DCS...) would be inserted. Everything would be setup to the pilots liking so all they have to do is jump in and flip on the apu.
  5. I should also add that sometimes the bomb can't see the jtac laser for various reasons: blocked by something, wrong angle, jtac turned it off, etc. so that could account for the miss.
  6. Also, once you release the bomb there's nothing for you to do for it to track laser, as long as same code it will do all the work itself. unless maybe the bomb couldn't quite get to the target? wind, drop position, etc.
  7. Yea as above it shouldn't matter with a laser guided bomb, did you set the laser code on the bomb to the same code as jtac? sounds like you dropped on the coord and not on the laser. The coord get the bomb in the right area and then the laser should guide it to target.
  8. haha ya I get it... but I need to give my muscles some memory to react with! :P
  9. As above, looking for vids that have the user talk through what they are thinking and doing... i.e. the bandit looks about here so i'm going to go ACM mode and vertical to try and get him... I'd like something that shows if you're at position a) you should be looking at doing this... then at b) best to go and do this... Not theory based (as I've watched the ultra cool classic moustache viper video:pilotfly:) but more practical. :joystick:
  10. and remember it's a "feature" not a bug
  11. It sounds like it's not a bug but due to the tanks depressurizing due to the probe coming out... now I would think the RL logic would say don't post error if probe comes out but...
  12. Holy crap that's a busy deck! In reality, during ops there wouldn't be that much on the deck. And remember op had frame rate hit issues! Never mind this!
  13. Search is how far out you want the missile to start searching for a target. For instance if I have a cruise ship at 15 miles, between me and the enemy destroyer at 40 miles, I don't want to lock up the cruise ship. So I might set the search at 30 miles so it ignores everything until it has flown 30 miles then it will open it's eyes.
  14. Everyone... try being Canadian! We see it ALL WAYS as we're neighbours with the US but have deep roots to Britain... and France... So it's a crap shoot when it's listed that way... but as someone posted with reference to current date it's "usually" discernible. Sorry eh.
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