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  1. As bfr mentioned it has to do with the contrast... annoying? immense, but you can always go to area track to hold it in the area, then, again as bfr mentioned, when you get closer hopefully the contrast as improved on target and you can slew once again to the actual target.
  2. Full up elevator is very common practice in RL. I've got 1,500 hours up to B1900 size aircraft and you do this especially when short runway and you know you're going to need to apply significant brake force. Part of it is weight on main gear, the more weight you can press into the main wheels the more you can apply the brakes without skidding. It's also common practice (not sure about NATOPS) to raise flaps on landing, yes you'll lose some aero braking but you want again, to get as much weight on wheels and the flaps act opposite to that. Second is to actually unload the nose gear (or at least
  3. I'd agree it's the same issue; track file was massive as several hour MP session on Syria. Thanks.
  4. Appears DCS is locking up 0 FPS when using A/G Radar; A/G DDI right on A/G Radar = low fps, then designate spot on A/G Radar = less FPS, then EXP2 = ZERO FPS, will not come back. Others have had the issue and they checked their resources: GPU went to 0% useage, CPU and ram 100%. Does not recover...dcs.log
  5. Does anyone know the NATOPS optimum land... landing procedure? i.e. touch down, air brake out, apply brakes below 100kts... or something similar? That's generally what I do, I also raise flaps after touchdown which helps a bit for roll out distances.
  6. I have thousands of hours flying commercial planes up to B1900 (so similar altitude to a hornet normal cruise under load) although obviously way slower! But spotting airplanes is VERY difficult, also at 25,000 ish cars are very small, even semi's (lories) are small. However, what the Mk1's do an exceptional job at is spotting movement. That's basically what you look for in RL is you pick an area of sky (or ground) don't move your eyes for a few seconds and see if you pick up movements, if you do, switch mk1 to that area and re assess. If not move to next block of view. In DCS (i'm flat screen
  7. I think their intent was sun glint for distant targets which would be insanely awesome; however, the white dots may have had the glint on ALL the time instead of just certain angles from viewer and Sun. Hopefully they are refining it.
  8. @Tony86 try my suggestion above, when your cue line is "off" go to mode on bomb and set to "auto" and then back to "CCIP"; let us know the results.
  9. So flying campaign last night I had my ccip bomb line... drift to the side again... I found that you can fix it by selecting the bomb mode back to auto and then back to ccip it realigns the ccip. Not sure if this is a bug or normal or if it helps to fix... but it certainly fixes it in flight.
  10. To tag along on this thread... if a mission is prior to GPS and we flip to IFA... what happens? anything bad? does the alignment get screwed up? If you don't get the P/INS tag (not sure what the official term for those warnings/area are) and you turn to IFA what happens? I've been having issues with the CCIP bomb line as well and I'm narrowing it down to an INS issue. Whether it's a bug or my user error I've yet to determine.
  11. QRF aircraft would be pre flighted by the pilot and the ground crew when they get on duty. Things like INS would be spun up already and sit on ground power. Mission cartridges (not simulated in DCS...) would be inserted. Everything would be setup to the pilots liking so all they have to do is jump in and flip on the apu.
  12. I should also add that sometimes the bomb can't see the jtac laser for various reasons: blocked by something, wrong angle, jtac turned it off, etc. so that could account for the miss.
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