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  1. DITTO! So far over 150 hours in the Hornet, all single-player. I haven't jumped on a campaign yet but will soon!
  2. I changed my FPS to 120hz and I see an improvement. Thanks for the heads-up! I hope Natural Point comes out with a solution for the higher performance monitors.
  3. Yep, I have mine set up to high performance, too. I don't use command center to overclock the graphics card because MSI has more options. You and me, both! LOL
  4. Definitely using MSI Afterburner, Burt. Bumpd the voltage up 20, power and temp are max, core is 145, memory to 500 and fan to 60. Maybe I'm stressing it too much. I'm going to back it down to your settings and see how it runs.
  5. Right now I am running an i7 9th gen 4.6 Ghz, 32GB ram, GeForce RTX 2070 super 8GB overclocked to 2080 numbers, monitor is Dell S3220DGF running at set 164 fps. I STILL get flickers and slight hiccups. Is it work it to overclock? I will get screen shots of both nvidia settings and dcs settings as soon as I get home. I make sure to delete shader cache after every setting change.
  6. That was it! Select harpoon FIRST, then lock target, and I was able to change modes. Thanks again!
  7. Yes, I lock the target just fine. I am blasting everything with mavericks. Looks like Wags selected the Harpoon PRIOR to locking the target up on the right DDI. I will try that to see if that is where I am missing it, because the ONLY mode I get is BOL currently. I will report back. Thanks guys!
  8. Magman, if you want auto-refuel, just click "unlimited fuel" in the options and don't mess with it.
  9. Is there a way to transfer data from the air to ground radar (SEA mode) to the harpoon? I can't find it, if so. Right now, there doesn't appear to be a way to change modes on the harpoon; just stays in BOL.
  10. Using Chuck's guide, I have my curves set up for the Hornet. I recently got a 115mm extension and LOVE it. Do I need to adjust or remove the curves?
  11. Not sure if you android users know about this one, but just came across it. Looks amazing! And works on multiple modules.
  12. When online, do you see FC3? If so, they might be under that. I had initially purchased the F15 and A10 individually. When I purchased FC3, there was no longer individual icons on my menu bar; they were under FC3. Maybe the same online?
  13. A problem that I ran into when I used to run both platforms, is that everything started to update to one folder/platform. Make sure that your modules are actually installed in the Open Beta structure. I stopped running both platforms because of this. I run OB only now.
  14. When I rearm and refuel, get a second round of Mavericks, there is no timer displayed when I go to arm them. Yet, they do indeed come on after about 2 minutes. Is this normal behavior?
  15. Check the F10 map, click on the airfield and the related data will pop up. You can then tune your coms to the correct frequency. You can also do it manually by bringing up the coms window and choosing the airfield.
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