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  1. Shkval monitor bekame 99% transparent beacuse last update. I can't see targets :pilotfly:
  2. Last update made made it transparent weapon displays .. Icant see any thing :pilotfly:
  3. I do several times m8.. nothing change..
  4. Testerday DCS WORLD updated itself.. But welcome screen frozen and " Windows stopped to run.. " message apears.. Two time un installed and re installeled it but nothin change system Athlon Phenom II 945 x4 Nvidia Quadro FX 3800 1 GB / 256 bit 8 GB RAM WİN7 U /64
  5. Guys I have formatted HDD and i nstalled DCS_World_1.2.7.23803.355-305 aand bingo there is no cocpit dashboard.. only HUD and some nnos parts of plane .. whats going wrong on?
  6. TOMCAT :pilotfly:its a elegent plane of old times..:pilotfly: ED must F-14 tomcat :pilotfly:
  7. Hi friends.. when i connect the game controller (game pad -not joystick) to PC simulation crashes and return to interface.. what can i do
  8. No , not about it. I can see HUd and a piece of noose corrupted
  9. How can I do? Su25T is free.. is'nt it?
  10. My friends İ installed last version but Cockpit did not appeared except HUD and aircraft not recoverable.. i do all settings for invincible I installed MS VC++ 2010 vith DCS package but noting changed SYSTEM WİN7 64 ultimate ATHLON fphenom XII 950 8GB DDR / NVİDİA GTS450 dx11
  11. Guys, the peopples who build their home cockpits needs a application that communucate output devices... Input devices can communicate easyly F.C in game menü we can assign lot of commands assigneable buttons.. but when we need data from F.C simulator ( for exaple turning on lights home cockpits, cahging compass angles, bank angles etc. ) How we can capture thoose datas ? :cry: Flight Simulator freaks uses like this program..
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