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  1. Experienced the same, went hunting for Tomcats well into Iran and even killed them with guns. Landed at the boat with 80% success and got to go to the next mission. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhrkYkCt37jkmyKfLjferhPpdAbJ?e=dv0hHb Radar issues after the last OB update makes it a challenge to kill the Fencers at distanse, but doable in the end. DS
  2. I understand, the answer is still the same. It does not matter if you hide it in the Mission Editor, when it goes active in the mission and emits against you, it will show up on your RWR, even if you cannot see it on your F10 map.
  3. No, if they emit they will show up on your RWR. Guys, SEAD is not a one aircraft operation, or even a task of 4 F-16s or Hornets alone. It requires a deliberate intelligence operation through the use of many external assets and perhaps special forces on the ground to find and track mobile sams. You'll want Rivet Joints in the air, you'll want Growlers to jam and suppress, you'll spend hours and hours of mission planning. Even in DCS it's not easy, take Scarlet Dawn MP mission in Syria as an example, most of your harms will get shot down by supporting sams in a integrated air defen
  4. Welcome to the wonderous world of military technology, where the jet is built by one manufacturer, the avionics by a second, the TGP by a third and the weapon by a fourth, and none are seamlessly integrated with each other. Even if you can make the calulations with pen and paper, it does not mean the weapon is able to understand the jets logigc
  5. Fantastic visual representation of the concepts! Well done!
  6. No spoiler: Mission 1 Departing on the briefed BRC 056 takes you away from the 7nm DME trigger to continue the mission. In reality, the BRC is a couple degrees off, and flying straight and level following the actual BRC triggers Jester at 7nm DME just fine. Had to fly the mission thrice and deviate from the brief to get succcess. Hotfix: remove 056 from the brief, or extend the trigger to 7DME regardless of heading (?). Best, DS
  7. Do we have to fly each turn for something to happen? I tried passing 100 turns, and whatever strike missions I set up, and no matter how many tanks and infantry I buy, the front line moves closer and closer to bandar abbas and havadarya and stays there for 50 turns. Also: Is something up with the Tomcat and INS/radar? 3 out of the 5 missions I flew show my waypoints WAY off, making joining a strike package near impossible. Request: E2 Hawkeyes from the carrier would give a better picture than E3s flying into Irans territory with terrain masking etc, any way to set that
  8. Believe me, I have :) The mission card is a nice start but fails to adress the underlying issues. A mission planning tool should be separated from the mission building tool and include the ability to make several lines per mission data load, and also threat circles, FAORs, FLOTS and all the different lines with colours available in the F-16. see this thread for details https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=250310 Best regards, DS
  9. Wish has been raised on multiple occasions, I have never seen an official aknowledment, sadly :( I don't think people know how crucial this is in real life, and how handy it would've been in the sim. Literally a game changer.
  10. Good, now stop aiming for the wires and fly the ball all the way down and you should hit the 3rd every time ;)
  11. Yup, flying it a second time and it didn't hang on exit, so got to the debrief. Still have to alt-tab or quit the game to get the command prompt though. Flown 2 SEAD sorties now, any idea why my flights HARMS just wander off into the desert? The first mission had 0 hits, on the second mission (both SA2 at abbas) 2 out of the flight's 16 HARMS hit their targets. 2 hit the ground nearby a sam-site and the rest flew straight and level into the desert. Thought it might be a procedure error on my part, but when the AI also have 0% hit rate, something must surely be off?
  12. If you don't have Datalink enabled, you use the awacs to build the map and mental picture in your head. You can then set your radar elevation to scan the enemy altitude and put your TDC cursor to the left or right in your display to catch him as soon as you can in the turn, when you decide to turn. If you really have no situational awareness you don't turn to re-engage, unless the accepted risk level is high and you are the last point of defence (and hence, expendable)
  13. To answear your second question, no, there is no way to track the proximity of an incoming missile on your RWR. Use your RWR, radar and eyes to anticipate and evade. :)
  14. What is supposed to happen after you exit the mission? I exited after landing and got the ED black and yellow load screen. After a while I alt-tabbed to find the debrief and command prompt, read the debrief and hit yes to accept the mission. The generator said it had generated mission 2, and then nothing. The game was stuck on the load screen and after force-killing it with ctrl+alt+del the campaign was back to mission one. Any help would be appreciated, not keen on flying another 2 hours for the same to happen. Played on latest stable. DS
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