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  1. If feasible, get into lasing range and lase for more precise coordinates...should be well within release parameters as well
  2. got a point, the other year a pilot accidently jettisoned his lt tank...pylon came with it...
  3. No problem, and what I ment about EPU switch....it should be placed back to norm....my original post could be interpreted the opposite I suppose. Good work
  4. you don't have something bound to the alignment knob and controls set to mirror your hotas on start do you?...could be placing INS knob to off immediately entering the jet. Any issues any other time? I see you say another training scenario this happened which leads me to believe my suggestion would help
  5. 2 Things, Throttle to Idle 20% and SEC light out....and EPU switch is never placed back to norm.
  6. same for the TGP/Mav not following the FCR GMT SPI, just slaves to the point of designation...However I don't know if that is a thing or not.
  7. In addition to, indication 10 on stored finishes entirely too fast compared to the real thing
  8. Vip/VRP not being implemented is probably why. Some wierd stuff got into patch that's not really implemented as well such as MP...VIP and VRP could very well be on the same lines
  9. It is correct behavior...this is getting silly.
  10. even worse if under a cloud shadow, has to do with contrast not working right iirc..could be wrong
  11. Thought I would do an instant action tonight (canyon run - syria) and as i released my airs over the target , I have found they are overshooting. Replayed a few times with different aim points and if I released a few hundred feet prior to tgt, I would get some to hit. Attached is a track releasing on tgt with the overshoot happening. mk82 air long.trk
  12. Haha I was thinking the same thing reading through
  13. Just did some research at work, went through -49FI , -49GS including theory of operation, and asked 3 viper IPs the what if scenario and its all conclusive. If the EPU mode switch is in the off position, the EPU should not fire regardless of loss of engine , or hydraulic pump output <1000psi or both standby and main generators offline. In norm position, Epu should fire in the air if one of the mentioned issues happens and should fire if commanded on. I work blk 42s, not 50s but I see no reason the logic and system has changed between the blocks.
  14. Here is the theory of operation. Main and nose landing gear emergency extension starts by pulling the ALT GEAR handle (fwd or aft) out until fully extended. The ALT GEAR handle motion is mechanically sent by the alternate landing gear control assembly to work the alternate landing gear selector valve. The alternate landing gear selector valve ports pneumatic pressure to the landing gear selector valve emergency spool and to shuttle valves in the NLG retract actuator, on the NLG door actuator, and in both MLG door actuators. These shuttle valves direct the pneumatic pressure to the gear extend side of the actuators. Pneumatic pressure moves the landing gear to shut off hydraulic pressure and interconnect both landing gear extend and landing gear retract hydraulic circuits with hydraulic return. The extend cycle then occurs normally except that the NLG and door are not sequenced. No pressure is supplied to the downlock actuators since the downlocks are normally set into locked position by mechanical springs mounted on the actuators. After pushing the ALT GEAR handle fully in, the alternate landing gear selector valve vents the pneumatic pressure from the affected actuators and the landing gear selector valve to the atmosphere. Pressing the ALT GEAR handle reset switch resets the landing gear selector valve emergency spool for normal hydraulic retraction.
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