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  1. I think Uh1 is the best to learn. Mi-8 ... It´s not easy to fly and weapons systems could be cunfusing at first but its a great module. Ka50 is the must have and its not difficult.
  2. Oh thank u man. That was the problem. Now its working perfectly with 82h.
  3. I know what you mean. I was talking about all capabilities. Sometimes the same version of the same aircraft have some differences. Maybe the #25 was like that but Ka50 have those weapons. Im case of AA like Igla or Stinger is not neccesary a super-upgrade because many others aircrafts and vehicles can assemble and disassemble that system. If you are worried about realism I dont want an imaginary helo but thats what I mean.
  4. I was speaking about ka50, not about ka50 #25 according people who think they know an aircraft because they use it in DCS. I´m not here for rubbish. We have been listening experts for years telling that´s impossible to have the Apache in DCS and now ... Where they are now?. Tharos ... take a break and go to sleep.
  5. If you dont know Ka50 have iglas I dont know what are you doing here. thanks for your kindness.
  6. Hi all. I dont know if its still broken but im trying use it and I dont see the ballute. I tryed different types of fuze. any other step or config. Thanks
  7. Ka50 is complete? where? Igla and r73 are not in dcs? Do u know that there is a lot of documentation in russian?
  8. I don´t know how work Igla exacly but there are many documentation about ka50 and other helicopters. I supose its a separated system from the rest. I dont matter if those systems are not perfect and 100% real but that AA is very important for this helo. They could make something close to reality in this case. Ka50 deserves to be "complete". Add missiles what they already have ... why not?
  9. If they cancel BS3 due to new laws I think they could add AA missiles and rwr in new he updates. I think we want a "complete" Ka50 or new fuctions without BS3. it could be like little additions. R73 and Igla are already in DCS. They should have done that these years and this is one of the most important modules.
  10. I saw something about that in other forum and thats very disappointing.
  11. I agree with some comments. Assets and AI units should be free for everyone to work in missions and campaigns in all cases. I think ED should add a lot of AI units to improve the experience in campaigns and make better missions in each age. If we make a current mission with Nato we sould be using Growlers, Eurofighters and Rafales without mods. I think AI land units should be added to Combined Arms. If we want a great list maybe we have to pay something for a pack. FC3 3d modelling or a little better is very acceptable because it could be a problem to load and handle units. In the case of nava
  12. I´m learning how to make campaigns and I miss many aircrafts, vehicles, ships, helos, buildings, infantry for AI. We know they use real info to make DCS but I think there are enough data to make aproximate figures and performance in a new pack. Its a hard work and I propose a new pack or module. (no more 20€). I think they have to expand combined arms but at least they should add new land units as well. If they make a balance of performance they could make it with missiles performance. I think we need the 5th gen, new models and "remakes". - The 5th gen, TU160, Eurofighter,
  13. I hope this aircraftt available for the 4 nations at the beginning
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