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  1. I was doing some demo on static buildings, using different bombs. I noticed that during the explosion and the smoke, my FPS seriously tanks. From steady 90s all the way to 20s & 30s, but my GPU isn't really loading up. It all seems to be piling up on my CPU, which is the i7-9700k. Does anyone else have this problem, is there something I can do to make my GPU ( Nvidia RTX 2070 ) do more of the heavy lifting in DCS?
  2. I'm going to order usb button interfaces for a panel project. Plan on ordering a couple 64 button boards. But, I read that some software and sims only support x amount of buttons/switches from a single board. Was just wondering if anyone knows of a button board limit in DCS.
  3. lmao @razo+r, I jumped sub so many times I didn't even pay attention
  4. are you at a particular FL or above when it happens, which aircraft, are you starting from cold and dark, if so are you using auto start or manually starting the AC?
  5. Trust me, you'll get it, even without the spring mod. I fought and fought against myself trying AAR. Then I finally went by RedKites tutorials for AAR, and after a very short time I was connecting with the boom and drogue for a couple seconds. I got used to being so close to the tanker and relaxed and now it's pretty natural, especially fueling the Viper. The Tomcat took me a little longer, then I turned off Jesters mic..... Good to hear that the springs worked out for ya, I still want to get a premium quality HOTAS, but it's just not a big priority. But since I did the mod to my x56, an
  6. I've ran through 10 scenarios, Jester has refused to lock the contact in 9 of them, optimal acquisition conditions. This is what I am experiencing, I'm getting same performance from turn rates as before the patch. I'm not trashing the module, I was only sharing my feedback. When I try reviewing a track that involves the Tomcat, it doesn't repeat the flight that I did. But I know this is with the strange behavior of the track replay tool, it does weird stuff with a lot of the modules. I'm working on numbers and clips to share from in game and TV. I'll remove the previous post until I get them r
  7. Autostarting the Hornet from any parking spot, in Nevada map @ Tonopah Test Range Airfield. Returns error: "Right Engine RPM Failure: Auto Start Stopped" The right engine actually starts, but autostart is terminated from this point on. Tried at other airfields in NTTR Map, and auto start works normally. Included zip file with 2 track files, DCS log file and screenshot of strange shadow copy of unit, after moving it to a different location. Cannot interact with the shad
  8. Can't stop flying it, beautiful addition to DCS. Thank you ANUBIS!
  9. Still no patch for flight model and missiles being junked. Seems like that would be pretty important, right?
  10. Was curious where, if any, in my DCS root folder. Could I find the data to set up cockpit parameter, argument ranges and indication triggers? i.e. I'm wanting to set some triggers based on the pilot turning on or off the radar. And are these parameters universal, or different for each AC?
  11. I have experienced this same thing. And from what I gathered, it was only when I tried to go back and do some of the older and original training missions. I have loaded into some old TMis and not been able to use throttle, control surfaces, etc.. But it varies through some of the older missions. Never could figure it out, only way I got it working. I loaded the file to ME and removed the aircraft completely then re-added.
  12. So, is MOOSE zone class broken? still can't create polygon zones, tried with late activated unit. sample polygon zone missions included in MOOSE Missions, not working either.
  13. So the F-14 is thoroughly junk for the time being. It's like trying ACM at 50kts in a c-47 skytrain. Like loading down a '94 Ford Fiesta with the only girls that were down to have an orgy (350 on the front hoof), then road racing a zx9r. And, the lack of jesters radar acquisition skills are even worse. He couldn't lock up a windows 95 computer! And even without jester, the radar has a timed sequence it goes by, that makes it completely blind. It just drops every contact at once, for about a minute. wth happened
  14. thanks for the help, folks. I don't fly my viper mod very often, and couldn't find anything about the mprs boom issue because I have really never used it in one of my missions. Was just trying some different combos out, thanks again.
  15. I can't get a response from the kc135mprs, when I'm flying the F-16. I've tried uhf and vhf freqs. Am I doing something wrong, maybe?
  16. Thought my mods had jacked something up, would say they'll get it fixed pretty quick.
  17. update: Seemed to be causing an error when calling a particular livery, replaced the Air Vietnam, and oddly started working Thanks for the reply @Highwayman-Ed, Tried it, still just defaults to solid white skin for all of them note: also found this in log file 2020-11-15 20:32:56.414 ERROR Lua::Config: load error livery = { {"Airbus_A320", 0, "airbus_a320_AAS.dds",false}, {"Airbus_A320", 1, "airbus_a320_b.jpg",true}, {"Airbus_A320", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "Airbus_A320_RoughMet.dds",true},​ {"Boeing_Metall", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "Boeing_Metall_RoughMet.dds",true}, } name = "Air Asia HS-B
  18. This is the included "Zone Polygon" sample mission from MOOSE, the log file and a screen cap that shows that the zone smoke isn't there. ​ 2020-11-15 04:49:40.649 ERROR SCRIPTING: Mission script error: [string "C:\Users\Bishop\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta\/~mis0000077C.lua"]:2: attempt to index global 'Include' (a nil value) stack traceback:
  19. spawning air traffic normally, but no matter which way I script it, never uses random liveries, any idea what I'm doing wrong? local a320=RAT:New("RAT_a320") local a320skins={"Turkish Airlines TC-JUJ", "Vietnam Airlines VN-A308", "cebu pacific RP-C4107" } a320:SetTakeoffAir() a320:Spawn(5) a320:Livery(a320skins)
  20. I can't get MOOSE Zone Class to work anymore. I built my Polygon Zones like I usually do with MOOSE, but getting nothing. I went through the script a few times, everything was right, so I ran some of the test missions that deal with polygon zones, none of them worked either, did something in recent update break zone class?
  21. That sounds like a good project. I'm all about customizing stuff and finding ways to make it better. I'm always tearing apart my kids toys to "make them better" lol.
  22. no, I haven't tried the logitech software for calib. but I definitely will now, thanks for that tip! if you try the hyd dampers, keep me updated, thanks and good luck
  23. @YSIAD_RIP, I couldn't really find anything to mod the x56, to help the slop in stick centering. Other than that issue, I really like the hotas. I will eventually upgrade to either the WinWing or the trusty timeless TM Warthog. But only after my x56 wears out, I just can't afford that right now. I like the idea of the quick interchangeable springs, didn't think of that. I want to switch to a more robust spring tension. I've been wanting to use some of the extra space inside the base of the throttle for something. I thought about making two led afterburner recognition lights, that would
  24. SUNTSAG, I know this is an older mod but is there a way that I could add the new stuff to it, like the supercarrier and a few small naval vessel mods I've downloaded?
  25. In all maps, a large part of the time when I place an aircraft. This copy or ghost appears, I can't select it or delete it from the map. It's just a copy of the actual unit I placed. I have to exit the ME and restart. Here is screenshot, I have a 2 ship flight, I moved it over so the non interactive copy can be seen below it. These are the only placed units on the entire map.
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