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  1. So in he mission editor. After making a Client Aircraft to fly on a Parking lot. Add a Trigger Once event. You don't need a Condition but you can set one up if you want more control. Next you decide how you want the music sent. 2 ways to do this. NOTE. If you use your AM or FM radio and they take Damage your Music will stop. If you want it to play and don't care if it comes from the AM of FM radio Channels then Add a event to trigger on the Action: Sound to Group pick your client name for the aircraft added. Then pick the sound file you made from the directory you put it in. NOTE. You need to
  2. I have VR zoom, Cargo Sling loading. Hookup and Disconnect, Open Close Side Doors. Open close all doors. Auto start up, Shut down. (Why Not I got the Room) MY gun sight and lamp, Auto pilot. Throttle assigned to a Rotary Switch so I don't bump into it. On my X56 Throttle I could put Anti Col. Lights on it but I like clicking them inside the Pit.
  3. WOW that video is crazy. It's got to be a bug that needs tweaked. Take off from Parking Hot. Can you imagine if that didn't stop shaking? Lol
  4. I use a X56 system. Throttle is set to a ROTARY SWITCH that I can't bump into as I fly. Why? you only need it for start up and shut down. The Collective is set to Both of the Throttle handles locked together. (I have a very large hand) The throttle works in REVERSE of a Jet and Prop Plane. Push the throttle forward to remove collective pull it back to Add Collective. after you get use to it. try to fly a plane. lol
  5. I had this problem. I was plugged into USB plugs that was the Problem. FIX: moved from my Monitor USB OUTS to my COMPUTER OUTS. No More Ghosting.
  6. I use the X56 all 3 units made Stick, Throttle and Rudder. I ONLY have this problem when DCS just doesn't load my SAVED inputs for each plane I will fly. So I just load the Throttle, Rudder, Stick and all is fixed. Small issue with a small fix. Lol It took me a short time to catch onto Saving my Preprogramed inputs for each plane. Lol I was New to DCS then. IL2- I don't fly because I like the clickable cockpits in VR. If I got your post all wrong forgive me, Just setup and save each input controls for each Plane. Load the saved Input for that plane when used. I love my X56 gear.
  7. It's hard I only use off road and the go to waypoint command for each and every waypoint till the last waypoint. Then go to waypoint 0 but I leave a GAP of about 3 truck lengths between the last WP and WP-0 they still do crazy stuff from time to time but for the most part work well. On road for only on road movement still works fine you just cant go off road.
  8. I have a AAA ZU-23 set up BUT it never opens fire on anything till you're right next to it. The Zone for it's range is marked on the map but it never opens fire with WEAPONS FREE set in the ROE. IT is a Late Activation. I'll try AI ON and Unit Emission ON with it. OR if you know of another way please help.
  9. Dear stupid. It looks like you picked the wrong "conditions" to use. Try "Play Sound to Coalition" to avoid your dilemma with the radio transmission.
  10. Try a different way, I attack this same way in my missions. get 1 or 2 hundred feet in the air, fly a oblong circle in a bank around the targets (men) on the ground. ***TIP*** on the ends when you turn add more collective then lower it as you come out of the turn and ride the glide slope to the next turn and repeat. (Glide Slope. dropping collective and slowly moving forward AND dropping in Altitude in a controlled slide to a point you set up in your mind.) Keeping the ships speed at the lowest you can without stalling OR putting it into a hoover. Your side gunner will wipe them out
  11. I have a custom mission for my UH-1H HUEY. I am making custom sound files made for the mission that are used on both, FM, & AM radios. Triggered by zones, flags, even spawned in vehicles. (**NOTE** I do not want TEXT Messages with sound files. I use text message as a land and get mission update from SECURITY COMMAND that does not want it sent over radio.) Lol works good till small damage from even just a AK-47 takes out my FM radio. The FM gets damaged more then the AM. is there any way to stop damage to just the radios? OR to play sound files NOT through any Radio Channel? If you ar
  12. I wish the Editor HAD 1 FEATURE and your asking about it. You spend so much time loading up maps to look at your problems that need fixed. It's like they don't want you to make good stuff. lol I don't get not having a viewer attached to see your selected Items you just put down.
  13. GOOD JOB Thanks for the post very cool. DishDoggie Maker of https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314819/
  14. I Use The Pro Flight x56 Rhino by Logitech: I Was like you are now. SO I wanted to spend my money wisely. I wanted a Good Quality middle of the road 1st time flight system that would give better then low end yet give me time to tell if 1.) I was going to like it. 2.) If I was going to stick with it. Along with the Stick and Throttle I also got the Rudder Peddles because EVERY PLANE AND HELICOPTER use them not your wrist twist. SO I Fly the UH-1 all the time with this setup and love it. THROTTLE is set up to work opposite of a AIRPLANE so push the throttle/collective forward increase the Pitch
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