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  1. You say you were loaded to 20,004 lbs, but the chart is for 22,000. Why so?
  2. Guys, don't use TacView or the ingame indicators to measure your turn rate. They often show quite different numbers and you never know which one to trust. The best way is to simply make 4 full circles with stopwatches and then divide the 4*360 degrees by the number of seconds it took. This will also average out the small errors in speed and altitude you make while trying to hold it.
  3. Even next Christmas would still be great. At least they acknowledged the problem and showed some intention of getting it right. Unlike Gaijin that denies everything, indirectly tells you that you don't know anything about it, and then silently fixes it 2 years later without mentioning it in change log, so that they don't have to admit they had it wrong.
  4. Forgot about the Mirage, that one is possibly beatable in rate too. But the JF-17? No way.
  5. This may look like a bad joke, but it's a serious question. Is there any reason to pick the current F-16C into any kind of dogfighting competition like Folds of Honor? Because i just can't see any. I created myself a simple performance test map and did some basic flight tests with different aircrafts and i can say the following. F-16C Has a hard G limit of 9 that cannot be overriden and the FCS will usually stop you already at 8.7. Has a hard AoA limit at 24 degrees that cannot be overriden. Sustained turn rate is kinda disapointing and the bleed rate und
  6. Where pls? This is indeed true. With current flight models, at sea level with same percentage of fuel the turn rate goes as follows: F-18 > F-15 > F-16 Fun fact: If you put just empty pylons on the F-16, its STR decreases by ~10%. If you put pylons on the F-18, its STR stays the same.
  7. Right now, both. The Hornet can reach extreme AoAs, only surpassed by Su-27 and Su-33, so it has amazing low speed pitch authority, and is therefore very good in 1-circle, the only downside being its roll rate under those high alphas. But at the same time it has one of the best sustained turn rates in DCS, higher than F-14, F-15, F-16 and comparable to Mig-29. This is kinda questionable, but it's how the plane is currently modeled. The only disadvantage is its FCS G-limiter that is set to 6.5 Gs by default, but it can be easily overriden to reach 9 Gs. So ba
  8. If you look at the chart, in the upper left corner it says F-16C and in the upper right corner it says engine F110-GE-129. From that i asume Block 50.
  9. Well, this is becoming interesting. https://www.f-16.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14939 I've never payed attention to the drag index before, but some of those tables in that thread indicate we should probably remake all our F-16 tests with corresponding stores that make the correct drag. EDIT: Or not. I launched DCS and loaded the F-16 with 2 fuel tanks, its weight increased to 36k pounds and even with empty internal fuel it still had 29k pounds. From this, i don't any way how to load up F-16 to have a drag index of 50 and weight 26k pounds at the same time. Either it must b
  10. Alright, this is little off He shouldn't be able to do that. But regardless, you can defeat it this way, it always works.
  11. It's the only thing we have. But i can do some tests with the playable Mig-15, i guess its performance will be much closer to the reality than the AI one.
  12. Every new generation of combat planes tend to me less maneuverable than the previous (well at least until missiles were invented). Mig-15 outturns F-16, Meteor outturns Mig-15, Spitfire outturns Meteor and Nimrod outturns Spitfire. The reason is wing-loading and wing shape, due to requirements on equipment and speed. The old planes didn't have to carry radar, various sensors, electronic countermeasures, external weapons and so much fuel, and they weren't required to reach Mach 2.0 to stop nuclear bombers. Wing loading values for the planes mentioned above
  13. That's all understandable, but why can't we simply have a choice? Also "just buy TrackIR" is not really an answer. ED themselfs claimed in their promo video that such things are not required and the game is fully playable with just keyboard and mouse. So it would be nice if they lived up to their promisses and made it little more mouse friendly. Also, this is not true. In most jets you have important buttons on the side-panels so you can't fully control your plane without looking around, there's just too much to fit in a single field of view.
  14. The current control scheme is pretty unfriendly to users without a Head Tracking or VR Headset who want to look around with mouse. There are 2 separate modes for the mouse - freelook mode in which the mouse is used for looking around and cursor mode in which you can click buttons in the cockpit - which you can toggle between with Alt+C by default. However during a fight for example this is pretty uncomfortable and impractical, because you have to constatly switch the modes back and forth. And it doesn't help that now one click is not enough, you have to double-click. Why
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