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  1. Solved, drivers of motherboar(agp bus) I have a asus a8v-x, the asus drivers failed only with this game, i tried to install the via drivers for the chipset. sorry my english
  2. I have this problem: with the 1.0-1.1 and 1.12a Any ideas for the solution thanks sorry my english
  3. Caution with this drivers They disappear textures in the 4,00 of FB and produce crash in lockon. in my equipment at least Amd 3000. msi 6800gt 1giga de ram
  4. Track of su25t goes well. I am going to lower the one of the A10 to see that such Thanks
  5. Hello, that ports uses flaming cliffs aside from the 10308? Thanks
  6. Thanks teka-teka. Think that it will be possible to be solved?
  7. to download loman 3.3 go to http://www.adonf-fr.com/ and download gtr manager In order to install it follows it the instructions of Doppler of the principle of post. sorry my bad inglish
  8. Hi Teka. One question, your pacht work on loman 3.3?. The version of cdds utily is equal to 2.1 Sorry my english is so bad thanks for your work and thanks to doppler for the translation(no se si se escribe asi)
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