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  1. Does anyone know the purpose of the haze element in smoke effects? I removed it from my experimental smoke effect & didn't see any difference.
  2. Hi guys. I'm after information on how to use DCS in a way that means I don't have to quit & reload DCS after every LUA file update, so the file is essentially live-loaded somehow. By way of a direct example: I'm currently trying to develop a fire & smoke change for my own uses, possibly will put it up somewhere for general download too. I did this a long time ago for Arma 2 and it was generally well received and appreciated. (JTD Fire & Smoke.) I'm fiddling with the file [path]\DCSWorld\Bazar\ParticleEffects\effects\FireVehicle.lua and as far as I can tell I need to quit
  3. I put this comment in the general forum rather than the CA forum because it's a general comment on the quality that I saw. I can't tell you how surprised & excited I was when I discovered that Rapier is modeled in CA, I saw the briefest screenshot in one of the ED promo videos & it looked pretty good so I plopped a few down in the editor & had a good look around. I was a Rapier technician in the RAF for ~10 years or so and I have to say the modelers absolutely nailed it. I mean it looks EXACTLY as I remember it. All the little handles, switches, cables & labels were immed
  4. As an update and for anyone searching the same problem, I never did find the cause, or a fix. I had to clean install Win 10 & reinstall everything. It was a weird problem that, as far as I ever saw, only affected DCS both Steam and standalone. I believe it was definitely a My PC problem though, and unconnected with either Steam or ED.
  5. It sounds like a great idea to me. "Real world" wave behaviours shouldn't be of concern because of course missions can use what existing maps we have as proxies for some other area.
  6. I had to clean my entire PC & reinstall everything, the biggest single PITA right now is that I have to unassign and reassign all my HOTAS axis controls for each & every aircraft, is there a way to do one "master" assignment and have it propagate to all aircraft? All my aircraft start the same crazy way, pitch & roll assigned to toebrakes & rudder etc, I have to manually unassign them all and reassign them properly.
  7. Yeah I'm currently re-downloading the entire Steam DCS install since last night, some ~170gb :) so it'll take some time. It will be done by the time I get home tonight though. I already did a couple of standalone re-installs (seeing as that's "only" ~60-70gb or so :) ) with no luck. I'll also uninstall AVG as that's probably a high contender - one of the things that regularly updates itself, and as I haven't done anything, and Win7 no longer updates, and this problem happened shortly before the DCS update I'm looking for auto-update components.
  8. Hi BIGNEWY, thanks for the reply. No, I'm definitely not mixing them, Steam just fails to start, and standalone is a raw install no modules, no DLCs, no mods, just as it installs with nothing else going on. For standalone I use the shortcut generated on my desktop which links directly to DCS_updater.exe. I tried DCS.exe directly and I get the same error message. I tried to directly start from Steam's DCS.exe and I get the same error message, which I don't get when I try to start it from the Steam launcher. My feeling is that, as a Windows 7 Pro user, since very recently I probably nee
  9. My Steam DCS install stopped working suddenly - click "Play", I get the usual radio button popup & choose normal Steam version, then the button turns blue and displays "Stop", and after a few seconds goes back to green "Play". No other clues, the DCS logs are all from tha last successful game load so nothing useful there. I've been running DCS successfully for several weeks now, have bought a whole bunch of DLCs, no problems running anything until 3 days ago when it just won't start. I downloaded the standalone DCS install & installed that, and when I try to start it I get a mess
  10. Well I can't tell you what makes Steeel Beasts so different, I would have suggested the same approach (particularly as Steel beasts has a rather more primitive rendering engine) and I haven't seen any footage or ingame images to try & assess. And I assume the LVC translation to be concerned with positional & rotational etc information rather than geometry & terrain etc. And also the DCS engine is not designed to handle the dense world of an ArmA map. So some compromise will be made somewhere along the line. The ArmA engine has the possibility of rendering terrain far beyond
  11. Consider that as far as ArmA goes, all it needs is positional, orientation, and inertial information from DCS to display an in-ArmA representation of the DCS craft. That sounds quite simple to do (relatively) and aside from that, the only other item as far as ArmA goes that it needs is fired ordnance information. That also sounds easy to do. The difficult part would be the in-DCS gameview. It would need to somehow sync all the ArmA aspects into DCS representations, including the terrain. Anyone who has a DCS product will know that is definately the difficult part. My own suggestion would
  12. I don't think I've ever seen a sim close to the fidelity of Black Shark, however you might look at Dangerous Waters or Steel Beasts for examples of good simulators in other genres. I also like Silent Hunter 3 & 4, when the realism options are cranked up on those you really need to work :) I mod both those last ones BTW, to give me better tools & behaviors. You already mentioned Falcon 4, which in it's various flavours is about as hi-fi as you're going to get otherwise.
  13. You really mustn't feel that zooming in is cheating, I once read a book about military grade flight simulators and one of the issues discussed was the resolution one, that your monitor is simply not as high res as your actual vision. Also, there is the psychological effect of concentration, when you really look at something, it seems to be larger than it really is. Have you ever taken a photo of a plane, or maybe the moon, because it looked huge in the sky, and then when you get the photo back it looks very tiny? The only current way to simulate this concentration effect is to make use of t
  14. I'm willing to bet that many people here (including me) would have paid more for a sim + manual bundle on release.
  15. Yeah it's the same for me, only I'm familiar with the Armed Assault terrain. I would say, in a very general way, that the ArmA terrain & objects are quite closely matched to the DCS terrain & objects. Both engines supply unrestricted gameplay movement over massive areas, and have roughly similar object density once you've factored DCS's much larger area. I still think effective LoD management is the key to blending both gameplay styles (pilot & soldier) together :)
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