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  1. The SimXperience g-seat without integrated motion is US $2999, so I assume this would retail for at least as much. It would take me a couple years to set aside that kind of money, but it would be worth it. So for now, A3) I'll kick up whatever I can spare this year for the kickstarter, either just a few $$ to get updates or up to $100-200 if there's some sort of reward for doing so. B) USA C) In the introductory video the noise of the motors really stands out, so one "expectation or additional feature" that comes to mind is some kind of sound dampening or cushioning, if that's
  2. This aircraft has MFDs in the cockpit, correct? Would these Thrustmaster MFDs be a useful purchase?
  3. I normally fly Navy, but if I could pick only one Phantom variant it'd be the Vietnam-era E. I'm tickled by the idea of flying Chico the Gunfighter. That was a... shall we day distinctive... loadout.
  4. Amen, brother. Same. Obviously there's a lot of folks around here who like letting the jet fly them to where they lob a standoff weapon at someone who can't even see them--and your kink is okay! No judgement! But that's just not my idea of fun. If Heatblur can do both, then awesome. Rock on. But I know which one I'd like them to focus on.
  5. I just made this using Google Maps and MS Paint. It's 600km x 500km, the same size as the Syria map. Almost made it to Bermuda, but couldn't stretch quite that far. Maybe since it's mostly ocean, a larger map might be possible? The two closeups at the bottom show airports around NAS Oceana and Nags Head, respectively.
  6. Yes please! No disrespect to Nevada, but I would like at least one continental US map with a Naval Air Station and enough ocean for carrier ops.
  7. Not quite the same, but I happen to have whipped this up using Google Maps and MS Paint yesterday. I'm pining for a map that covers at least some of the major USN training centers, and this one has NAS Meridian and NAS Pensacola. After I finished it, it occurred to me I could halve the width and stretch the height down to cover NAS Key West as well. Not sure if that would reach Cuba. I'll play around some more today and see what I can come up with. The size is 800km x 400km, making it just a bit larger overall than the Syria map. I was working in 200km increments because of the Goo
  8. You know, I live for the day we can sim the USS Ranger's all-Grumman air wing.
  9. I'm generally a fan of VKB and I love my Gunfighter joystick, but I really regret buying their T-rudder pedals. The lack of real toe brakes has been a much bigger problem for me than reviews led me to believe. I'm saving up for the Thrustmaster TPR now.
  10. I did receive a preorder confirmation email when I placed my order through the website.
  11. If an arc is what is used in real jets, why would I want a rail instead? Genuine question from a beginner, why is this controversial? ETA: never mind, someone posted the answer just before I posted the question.
  12. The same company, DOF Reality, makes some larger (and more expensive) platforms that mount the controls as well as the seat, so that your controls move with you. I'm thinking of saving up for one and hunting for reviews.
  13. It is an unofficial mod, so probably it won't be released with any official DCS update. It'll be released when its developers are ready.
  14. Same. I'm looking forward to trying them out.
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