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  1. The way I understand, all the modules and AI are available to place on a map in ME. It doesn't care what you own. You can set any 'valid' module as client. When it comes to flying the mission, you can only choose aircraft/module you own.
  2. Wondering if you can't just install the DCS core app and not install any of your modules. Save the mission files then from the game PC, load the .miz file from a shared drive to the other system.
  3. Zip file is linked to ED's main page
  4. Then it's a typo in the ED's early access guide.
  5. I'm guessing you want to remove an object (ie Greenhouse). Have you tried the action 'Scenery Remove Objects Zone' in ME? Here is a quick video on how it works: I would create a small trigger zone for each building you want to remove.
  6. HAWK systems are not in any of the default tables. Are you using the following IDs? SAM Hawk SR AN/MPQ-50 ID 203 SAM Hawk TR AN/MPQ-46 ID 204 SAM Hawk CWAR AN/MPQ-55 ID 206
  7. This statement is correct. The JTAC aligns my TPOD, then the bomb has to be lased by me since it is on a different frequency. I must have been doing something wrong before with the JTAC, but now my TPOD finds the laser on 1685. Thanks for all the help. -Wraith
  8. Hi, I noticed a typo in Ver 2 (I didn't check V1). You have: [TABLE=border: 1, cellpadding: 0, cellspacing: 0] [TR] [TD]CV 1143.5 Admiral Kuznetsov(2017)[/TD] [TD]SW[/TD] [TD]320[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] DED ID should be 302 -Wraith
  9. Here is a quick mission. Currently JTAC laser code is set to 1685. Give it a try. If not successful, set the autolase trigger to 1688. Everything will work fine. F-16C - JTAC Laser Targeting GBU - Moving Targets Day.miz
  10. That's the way I understand it, but doesn't seem to work that way on the Viper.
  11. I have a simple mission with a land based JTAC with the autolase script. Working scenario GBU-10 codes are default 1688 JTAC starts lasing lasing on 1688 Uncage, LSS starts and goes to LST when it finds the laser Do a standard CCRP drop and the bomb always hits Non-working scenario Bombs are set to 1688 JTAC starts lasing on 1685 I use the DED to change the LST code to 1685. TGP code is default 1688 Uncage, LSS starts and goes to LST when it finds the laser Do the standard CCRP drop and the bomb always misses. The TGP always has the target in sight for the entire delivery.
  12. Does anyone know the DED code for the SA-9 Strella-1 9P31??
  13. I found the Ka easy to fly compared to the Huey...she is certainly difficult to learn. Do you have rudder pedals? Can't imagine flying without them.
  14. Turns out the "unit destroyed" and "unit damaged" trigger even when cargo is successfully unhooked. Back to the drawing board
  15. Sweet. Never thought of cargo as a unit. Thanks!!
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