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  1. Here's a mission I fly to practice IFR with TACAN approaching Havadarya. You could make a mission at any airfield because we have a portable TACAN unit now. Reaper guy did a video on it which gave me the idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8ZPRcPD8_E NAV - IFR TACAN Bad Weather Landing 0600hrs Havadarya.miz
  2. I drop these bombs frequently with the Viper and this has never happened to me. I never use a 20ft spacing...seems pretty small to me. I am always using a spacing of 45+ with good effect.
  3. I have no idea what you are referring to.
  4. I brought this up back in November and BN reported
  5. They changed the way it worked, but this is how I got it to work. Wide FOV and full zoom out.
  6. Could you post a track so we can see this happening?
  7. I can finally fly this map in VR since 2.7.
  8. Hi, Having problems removing the 10 minute delay. I've added the ["Tacview"] section under plugins in the options.lua file. In that, I changed ['tackviewPlaybackDelay"] = 0 When clients connect, they are still subject to the 10 minute delay. Running DCS OB 2.7 dedicated server and exports are on. See my attached options.lua file. What am I doing wrong? -Wraith ---EDIT--- I solved my own problem. Was not the options.lua. I didn't realize you had to copy c:\Program Files (x86)\Tacview\DCS folder contents to Sa
  9. I've attached a track. This is the first time it's happened to me so I'm a bit confused. I can't even take off until my engine overheats. What am I doing incorrectly?? -Wraith P-47 Engine Overheat.trk
  10. I'm getting the exact same error when running the Feb 7th script.
  11. Using OVGME for this mod. When I remove the mod, DCS crashes on startup in VR.
  12. I got something similar to these. https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Stationary-Separate-Adhesive-Included/dp/B071VBFMF5
  13. SA-18 and SA-19 are IR guided, not radar guided
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