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  1. Hi guys, after correcting the gear stance to be accurate, the datum angle in the engine model was off, should have an update in the next model.
  2. Hi guys I've got this fixed, it was a classic coding mistake that I should have noticed before but thanks for reporting it! You are all right about SAS, it's not a magic physics changer device, it just augments the user input to allow for more predictable and consistent control. Sorry for taking so long to reply, real life has kept be from being as active on the forums as I'd like to be.
  3. Wow, this is really sad to hear :( He's been an invaluable member of the community and valued his inputs over the years. Your contributions will be greatly missed.
  4. It's a little tricky, I recently fixed this in the M-2000C basically the command callback internal to the SDK is triggered based on frame rate, which is why you see it as an issue in every aircraft that I assume does it similar to how we do trim (and other "on hold" commands). I'll implement the same fix, in that I allow the sim time regulated update to manage the trim changes based on the command value so that it is then independent of frame rate. I'm going through and reviewing other possible frame rate dependant issues and correcting them. Thanks guys!
  5. Daniel, sorry this fell through the crack, just fixed it on development so should be in the next update.
  6. Hi Piston, sorry it's not, I still need to work on that one, but don't worry it's on my fix list so I hope to tackle that soon.
  7. Hi all, here's the new hotness in 2.5! :) M-2000C: Improved pitch responsiveness Improved AP responsiveness and control Improved extreme angle of attack behavior Improved engine malfunction modeling during in-flow loss Controls indicator now also shows trim position (previously only shown during AP engagement) Removed innacurate altitude limitations for AP engagement Corrected nature of trim control sensitivity to be relative to framerate Corrected nature of AP heading and trim control sensitivity to be relative to framerate Corrected helmet visor animation and reversal between external and cockpit view Corrected direction of trim indicator in controls indicator Corrected innacurate pitch moment with airbrake deployment
  8. Yep it was a very small but needed change, glad you like it! Agreed, hopefully it will roll out to the 2.x baseline soon.
  9. Your welcome :) thanks again for your thoughtful and data driven analysis made it very easy to investigate.
  10. Hey guys thanks for the reports let me see if I can figure out if something wonky is going on here.
  11. Thanks let me look into that one...
  12. Gotta code through meals :)
  13. All fixed up in development so you should see it in the next update.
  14. Yep on the list to correct! I'll try to get to that tonight.
  15. That's correct and my fault on that, did not mention added more proper logic for DECS and MFS behavior in latest update, so you are right you wouldn't have needed to mess with the switch in the previous update since it was more or less hardcoded to ON, sorry about that Yoda.
  16. I'm not going to lie, knowing the capabilities of the FM system in DCS, I am super excited for this. I love flying aerobatic planes and am really looking forward to how this feels in DCS. Good luck guys!
  17. Hi Yoda, For throttle control and RPM governance you need to make sure DECS switch is on (above fuel handle), alternatively emergency mode of fuel control and RPM governance is through MFS switch next to throttle, without that the throttle can not provide fuel control or RPM governing and you will be stuck at idle RPM. Still to do is issue with starting the engine without DECS on should give issues as fuel governing will not be properly maintained and risk damaging engine during start.
  18. No implementation for AFC yet guys, once I'm pretty happy with the dynamic derivative behavior I'll start integrating the AFC and turning it on for the release version. Hopefully "soon"!
  19. Yep I am sorry I didnt detail that behavior in the change list. I'll try to make sure the information gets incorporated into the manual
  20. Hi guys, I'm still reviewing code for issues with the over limit logic, however keep in mind that the manual explicitly states that there are limits which must be pilot maintained even with the DECU in full operation and JPT limiter on and all that. I think someone has repeatedly posted the limits table, the notes below it state what limit states require pilot attention. In addition the stuff currently not modeled won't have much bearing on the DECU logic as that was the first thing implemented, the failure modes (MFS, P3/Fuel Flow limited behavior, JPT off, DECU off) won't have much affect on this.
  21. Yep we only had a couple weeks to implement the new sounder system in time for EA, it is definitely a WIP and that includes pitch alterations in engine rate of changes.
  22. Hi all, now that the new update is out to you guys, I want to let you know of the issues I'm working toward: - AP Standby "cheat" (Since AP Standby is used so much, some kind of "cheat" to not require constant button pressure for those with sticks that don't have a convenient button for it) - Fuel flow fine tuning (small adjusts to fuel flow in some regimes) - Pitch moment with airbrake deployment (investigate pitch response when airbrakes deployed) - AP roll command vs. speed (make sure roll limits are correct vs speed for AP) - Pitch control response tuning (needs a minor increase in responsiveness) - FBW Oscillation condition (edge case where FBW oscillation can be created) - Aerobraking efficiency too low - Loss of control surface movement after engine out for short period and returns - Glide ratio analysis: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=196970
  23. Thanks HWasp for taking the time to do that analysis, something definitely doesn't look right there, I'll see what's going on with that as soon as I can.
  24. Hi guys, here is a comment I made on Reddit about this. I am reviewing to ensure the timing for the limitations are being performed correctly, it's fairly complex so it is very possible there is a miscalculation but in the mean time:
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