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  1. The specific FM overhaul performance tuning due to the tests were not integrated in this patch yet, they are almost ready but in running the automated tests it uncovered the thrust spike so that was patched in for this update
  2. A little bit of a progress report on the steady state engine thrust tuning, here is the current release. Not horrible, but certainly not correct: Spending the evening tuning now that I have the test cases automated and here are the results so far: More to come!
  3. Hi all thanks for the feedback, it looks like many comments are asking about stuff mentioned in the title post. I would STRONGLY recommend you please take just a moment to read the title post. A little progress report, 42 total performance test cases have been developed within the automated tool. I should be getting to performance tuning by the end of this week once I get a full picture from the automated tests. I'm particularly excited about this tool as it allowed me to do currently 42 "test flights" in less than 30 seconds of trimming routines what would probably take days of manual test flying and processing of the data. This allows a quick change of FM behavior and can instantly see the effect across the full flight envelope. Once the performance test cases are complete I'll post a current state report before making tuning so you all can see a before/after.
  4. Sorry about that, the tool is still in work and forgot to add axis legends. X-axis is mach, and Y-axis is acceleration represented in G's
  5. Sorry, I meant to add along with adverse yaw and dynamic stall behavior, spin work will be involved in that as well.
  6. Hi all, I thought I'd provide some info on the FM issues being discussed and what we are doing about them. First off there are a handful of issues here and there that are being worked. However there are other issues being noted where the data and behavior is correct. Since I am not a fan of opinion or feeling and prefer quantitative results lets discuss military power behavior: As you can see there is clearly work to be done across the flight envelope in regards to military power level flight acceleration. I have been working on a fully automated test case tool that stimulates the FM code to generate the above outputs along with FM adjustments to much more rapidly make corrections and adjustments. The nice thing is, it utilizes the same EFM API function calls that all EFM aircraft use, so it will become an extremely valuable tool across all airframes. We are doing this for every data plot that we have and are capable of digitizing and automating to make further improvements. In summary, here are the issues we are currently looking to tackle: - Improving level flight military power behavior (in general too high for most of envelope) - Improving adverse yaw behavior (not sufficiently modeled) - Improving dynamic stall behavior (not sufficiently modeled) - along with spin behavior - Improving accelerated stall behavior (not sufficiently modeled) - Investigating transonic control modeling - Increasing drag at high angles of attack - Improving turn rate (slightly too low currently across flight envelope) Finally, an issue I'm seeing being brought up multiple times is ground behavior when moving from 9000 RPM through 10000 RM with too quick thrust build up when advancing throttle. Per our steady state engine charts each engine outputs around 800 kg of thrust at 9000 RPM this exponentially spikes to around 1400 kg of thrust at 10000 RPM. I am still investigating this and will create an automated engine test like the mil power test above to ensure the code is generating thrust for a given RPM as expected. The last issue I'm seeing is roll rate and inertia behavior. From all indications the inertia data is correctly applied but will generate an automated test that analyzes effective roll moment for a given aileron deflection to ensure it is behaving correctly. My objective is to provide a summary of these test results once their are generated and any corrections applied so you can all take a look at it. Thanks all!
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    Update September 26, 2018: HUD Brightness enabled Training missions updated Campaign missions updated
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    Update August 29, 2018: English cockpit added
  9. I'll double check everything and look into it. Thanks guys!
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    Update July 18, 2018: Added initially empty fuel tanks Corrected unable to aerial refuel empty external tanks Corrected HUD crack texture
  11. Hi guys, looking into this one today. Thanks!
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    Update July 4, 2018: Fixed external lights flashing inside of cockpit (disco strobe issue) Fixed rain drops on HUD glass
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    Update June 20, 2018 M-2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon released available for purchase
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    Update June 13, 2018 None ready for update
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    Update June 6, 2018 Caucasus campaign bug fixes for Mission 01 and Mission 13.
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