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  1. Any chances for a link here on forum? Up to ED's user files?
  2. It's like the story with clouds again. Welcome to DCS World
  3. I think we have to wait for Mi-24 to be release and then for Ka-50 upgrade. Only then will Kiowa be released. Otherwise the sells of EA Mi-24 could be affected, not to mention about Ka-50 third upgrade. It means - Kiowa will be, or rather already is a damn good module, and ED can count
  4. Missing textures are: wopacmap wspecmap wdiffusemap wnormalsmap I can't find any of those in my zips. I think you can putt anything green or camo looking texture there, just to get rid of this missing texture blank one. Those should be inside so.zip
  5. Every time I have some missing textures on a model, I use ModelViewer to find the texture names. Then search through folders are all those textures in place. Most likely textures was not installed in right place or in description.lua or similar file, you will have obsolete texture names with extensions, like: texture_name.tga or .bmp, .dds - delete extensions in code leaving only texture_name. You can look inside similar working mod how this should be and follow same logic.
  6. Looking good. Any estimated ToA? Is it true that these SAB containers fall without a parachute, like it is done in DCS? Look like 30kg. I manage few times dropping those at friendlies (by the Tacview).
  7. BRM-1 90mm was good fun on a Su-25T (from the JF-17 module). I think those are used by N Korean Su-25. Maybe would be a good idea to ask EDs to add those to the module. I see that not everything was locked by EDs for moding. Some of the weapon saved in loadouts still work fine. The S-5M, with better 3D model than the old S-5KO. Those are good fun, much more explosive damage than KO. The R-27ET - I found a picture of some Su-25 with those missiles. We should have those available for Grach too. Very effective missile. New R-73 from 2.7 become worst than R-60, not sur
  8. In my CGTC v2.0 LandNoiseSpring and LandNoiseAntum was both missing. I'm not sure 'cos of my mess or maybe was missing in an install zip. This maybe intended by mod author. We talk about Caucasus, those are high mountains, probably covered with snow all year long. The summer landNoise from Starway 2.5.8 looks more "summer". A quick comparation shot CGTC v2.0 vs Starway 2.5.8:
  9. Yes, annoying I see a smoke, next glance - Hey? 3km of black smoke just disappeared in 1s.
  10. Yes, Heading, Course, Lift working fine. ACMI from DCS 2.7 I look inside ACMI file: 0,DataRecorder=DCS2ACMI 1. I done something wrong updating Tacview or something went wrong. 2. Tacview updater need a second look. I will try reinstall Tacview, try again and report back. After reinstall all back to normal.
  11. Yes, all those 1920x1080 pixs was probably resized from 4K or 8K. You can try a thing called Custom Resolutions. In short: If you have 1920x1080 monitor you still CAN probably set your GPU to generate 2550x1440pix images, maybe even bigger. Set your DCS to higher resolution or even Windows desktop too. If you own good brand screen you should be in a save. Some other can get hot, maybe even burn - you will have this warning window, once your start setting up custom resolutions in Win10. Read everything, google for some guides about Custom Resolution screenshots in games. Yes,
  12. Hi. Yes, Sign is turned on. I duble check on both version, standalone and steam. Works fine with ACMI before DCS 2.7 update. The Sign line is there. When I loaded new ACMI from DCS 2.7 - no line visible in both installs.
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