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  1. Dead man censer it is!!! Holy crap, fixed all my problems! Duct tape fixes everything! Kind of a crappy feature to put on this kind of stick.
  2. Okay, I have to keep my hand on the stick, It trims just fine, but If I remove my hand from the stick about a second later the stick jumps. Is there a censer that feels the slight amount of pressure that tells it my hand is still on the stick? It doesn't make any attempt to move if my hand is just placed on the stick but as soon as I move it it jumps. Is this typical? Is there a fix?
  3. In game? Also, I don't think I have the same bug as you do. When I depress teh Trim Button I hear a click and when i release it I hear a click. So far nothing has fixed this.
  4. Okay, so I just got the Logitech G940 yesterday and I am trying to set up my profile. My main issue with testing is the trim does not seem to be working correctly or my old stick has left me with unrealistic stick movement (bad) habits. This is my issue: When I hit the trim button I hear the click and I feel the aircraft trimming to my stick position, however when I release the button and the stick I imitatively go into a 30 degree nose up situation. Am I going to have to keep my hand on the stick and apply pressure the entire time? I have never flown a real helicopter so I am not exactly sure what I should be feeling through the stick. Any help on this would be much appreciated. :)
  5. ...The two do not correlate. I would like to take this time to discuss the Server Mod option to only allow people with ping times less than the designated max ping rate to remain connected to the server. It is annoying! Ping times only show the latency of the client computer to send an information packet to the server computer and back to the client. It does not show how stable an internet connection is. I have very high ping times (+700) because of where I am currently in the world. I have flown a lot of missions with my fellow 1st members and very rarely disconnect due to an unstable internet connection (I think I have DCed maybe twice for no reason). The worst that has ever happened is warping into someone that I am too close to (only on the ground; it has never happened in the air and it has only happened once, but this can be mitigated by picking an open slot a slightly away from the others on the server. I keep a good 15m distance and I never have issues). I also appear to jump around and jitter my way through the air. I see public servers that do not require a password but am usually unable to stay connected due to the ping limit set by Server Man. Also, ping rates do not effect your or others frame rates. I get 60 fps with my ping rates. If you are experiencing low frame rates is probably due to a slow processor and an older graphics card, it has nothing to do with your or clients ping rates. This is only a temporary problem for me because I'll be moving back to the states soon. However, there might be some other people out there that have stopped playing because they cannot connect to online servers, and I think that is a bad thing. All of this because people do not have a clear understanding of what ping actually means. Just some food for thought... Happy flying. :thumbup:
  6. I need to export them to iControl but I don't have an extra monitor to put them on. Is there a way to make a virtual monitor?
  7. I just got a new iPad and I am trying to set up iControl on it. It works fine but I only have one monitor. I would like to only see the MFCDs/CDU display only on iControl and not on the monitor. Has anyone come up with a solution?
  8. I couldn't agree more. It would have to be a US carrier to make it look right. It would be too weird to launch it off that Russian deck. Naval deployment of aircraft would be a game changer. Whatever they do, I'm sure it will be awesome!
  9. I don't know much about it; I think it is probably too new to do an accurate sim of it anyway. I was just putting it out there.
  10. +1 Can I change my mind? I'm with Moby! The Harrier or F-35 would be amazing!
  11. I see your point about the Tomcat and the Hornet is pretty limited when it comes to performance. Agreed! Basically, I would love something that would add the naval aspect to the game, much like you guys said above, but also is systems compatable with the other flyable aircraft in the game. I really like the idea of multi-layered missions. I messed around with it a little the other day with someone from the 25th, he was in a Ka-50 and I was in the A-10. It would be great to add that layer to the game with system compatibility to really integrate tactical movement of all aircraft involved in the mission.
  12. I would love to fly the F-14 or the F/A-18. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be amazing! I'm still not bored with the A-10!
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