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  1. SRS/Vaicom Hi @soupyc, I actually suggested a solution for this problem to Hollywood, post #5186 on the main VA thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4317315#post4317315 Hollywood seemed interested, but he's understandably busy adding a lot of features/fixes so it might be a while before we see changes to the SRS/VAICOM interaction.
  2. SRS/VAICOM Synthesis Hey Ciribob and Hollywood , Prelude: I’m cross-posting this because I think you’d both like to see it, and I think it will take both of you to implement. The SRS update this week bringing MIDS functionality is really awesome, and it couldn’t have come at a better time since I’m spending most of my time in the hornet these days and we’ve got Super Carrier coming (fingers crossed). However, it did exaggerate a problem that I think I and anyone else who uses VAICOM has run into; buttons, or the lack thereof. In the past you guys have done some collaboration to try and
  3. I am going to pile on to those struggling with the muted AOCS. It has been muted for me since the previous VAICOM version, I was hoping that this patch would fix it, but it is still muted. I have played around with all the settings there are and confirmed windows TTS functions normally and I have no other issues with sound redirect. Additionally, this patch seems to have changed the way you interact with Jester and the radios in a negative way (at least for me). My setup is as follows, a five way hat, with up, down, and right assigned to TX1+SRS PTT1, TX2+SRS PTT2, TX3+SRS ICS, respectivel
  4. @TinyUK, the keys were emailed to you when you purchased, so I would just go to your inbox for whatever email you linked to the purchase and search for Viacom, they should still be valid.
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