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  1. Concur with ExoticTrout .. SUNTSAG is a great resource.. you are looking for tutorials (sounds like) of putting in a JTAC (invincible or not, invisible or not) to spot and mark targets..... If you are talking about AI aircraft marking targets with smoke rockets... a bit different then.
  2. dproko, When in Programming mode for the X65 software ... try choose the Grid View (if that is available to you) versus the View that has the picture of the Throttle Unit ... you will see they typical drop down arrow that lets you assign a key function or create a macro when changing to that Mode (M1, M2, or M3) Assumption.. the same programming software for the X55/56 HOTAS is used with the X65 ... In the X55/56 profile interface you don't see that function to program the actual MODE if in the image of throttle unit view.
  3. Chris, As Speed noted above ... If you have a price point you are willing to go to or are limited to that will be really helpful for people to focus their time recommending something might actually purchase ... it IS true that there are as many opinions as there are headsets. You also can get a pretty quick canvas of the ton of stuff out there and quickly see some of the specs by looking at vr-compare website ... and then ask people who fly DCS World with VR HMDs about stuff you might see there. I've flown DCS in Vive, Vive Pro, and currently use a PIMAX 8KX
  4. Mark, What aircraft are you trying to set up for in DCS ? Are you flying using a VR Headset or on a Computer Monitor ? Are you just trying to program to use the X56 within DCS itself or are you OK with using the Logitech G programming software for the X-56 HOTAS ? Every Sim Pilot has their favorite setups/settings and it's all good .... what ends up working best for you is what matters .... If just using DCS settings and not Logitech G you'll still have a lot of capability but won't get any real use out of the Mode M2 and M3 positio
  5. GaryM05, I flew LB 2 back in the day (solo and multi) and have flown the Blackshark since it was first released in DCS World. That doesn't make me an expert on it.. just someone who has flown it a great deal for years. Bottom Line: Yes.... tactical flying matters, doing recon for targets and establishing battle positions is rewarded (or possibly punished if you just rush in or don't mind terrain). You can receive and do target handoffs with up to three other Blackshark pilots so that part of LB 2 is kind of recreated here... just differently that an Apache with the radar. It has
  6. Definitely want multicrew in UH-1 to fly with friends or allow others to join when I would like. There are good examples out there on how to control or limit who joins your AC. I've not had any problems in that area in DCS World when flying my Gazelle multi since we join in the AC selection menu and then launch. On co-pilot and crew being bored... don't invite people to your AC that will get bored.... simple enough. Everyone has a perspective and an opinion.. there's mine … Multi-crew UH-1.. yes please !
  7. Please don't take this as a RTM Comment... not meant to be :thumbup:... just a reminder also.... Once you get the switching worked out you will need to change the AP/HKC Selector knob manually to the proper rocket type (that you have currently armed) so that your aiming reticle will be adjusted for rocket type currently armed. I've never messed with the selectable.. I've just dealt with whichever was going to be fired first.. checking HP/AKC Setting before engaging. Manual pages 6-95 and 6-96 " 'НР/АКС' selector. Unguided rocket and gun pods ballistics data settings. o 0 – S-8K
  8. I bought this monitor in June 2019 and still love it.... just a datapoint.. good luck choosing. It wasn't inexpensive though... still don't regret the purchase as I was running 3 older 1920x1200 Dell monitors in 3x1 format before buying this. ViewSonic Elite XG350R-C 35” UltraWide 21:9 Curved 1440p 100Hz RGB Gaming Monitor with FreeSync HDR10 I also run a Dell 24" touchscreen above this monitor just so I can see other things running while running stuff full screen on the ViewSonic
  9. Searched the forums :book: and couldn't find a listing of what AC can carry the KAB-500L and 1500L. Is there one here anywhere ? (sorry if I missed it)… Are there any player AC that can carry and employ them yet without modding DCS ? Happy New Year Pilots !
  10. Adobe Acrobat Reader, in combination with your printer if your printer supports 2-sided printing, allows you to resize your printout and do it two-sided. You can choose to print "two-sided" then "define" your paper size as about 8.25" high by 5 1/8" wide. Adjust your margins so that you have room for the hole punches. Alternatively.. you can select print it as a "booklet" ... again.. user defined paper size as above. This will allow you to just fold the paper in half and staple, etc to hold it together.
  11. Harrier Done :thumbup: Not possible to "not" buy it with a call sign like mine :pilotfly: Good luck on the release Razbam. I look forward to it. Semper Fi Mac
  12. As you talk loadouts remember that the real strength of the Harrier is it’s ability to forward base/rearm/refuel for quick turnarounds. Not it’s ability to carry a massive amount of ordnance. FARPs will be crucial to fully effective DCS employment of this AC.
  13. Hi All, If I was going to create a VCB box as a computer USB device to real scale...anybody know the HxWxD dimensions of the VCB and hand rest ? I don't care if you know it in cm/mm or inches.. I could use either. Thanks in advance if you can help. Semper Fi AldoUSMC
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