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  1. I try a lot of way: savegame, core mods and mods not working for f-16 and f-18 I use savegame and it work please help Thank you!
  2. NOFX

    cloud flickering

    I Will try tomorow! Thanks!
  3. Cloud flickering problem. :helpsmilie: I have a problem with cloud flickering. It appeared since the last update it happens to each game for a few minutes and then the problem disappears. It's very tiring for the eyes and it breaks the immersion. Thank's for help
  4. ok... maby just because it is no "tracent" "tracer"
  5. Gun for f-16 stop working with last update... I have sound, but no visual, nothing! only sound... and vapor effect on the plane.
  6. Hi! This mod work with DCS 2.5? Thank's!!
  7. Ok Thank you for you answere! And how can I swich to open beta? I need to redownload all this? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/downloads/world/beta/
  8. I saw on Youtube a lot of video with litening pod in the f-18, and how to install it on the f-18. But for me, it is not available In center position I have only fuel tank or bomb but not any pods Do you know why?
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