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  1. Here you go. I did STEP and STL for most of them. -Q Button1.zip Light3.zip Rotary.zip SpeedBrake.zip ToggleSwitches.zip Light1.zip
  2. I did, but I didn't post them because: 1. I forgot. :noexpression: 2. I think most of them would be fairly difficult to print with FDM. Let me find where I put them and I will upload them. Is there a specific file you want converted? The toggles and speed brake indicator will be tough to print. -Q
  3. Answered my own question and just did both formats! Here are the models from the "knobs.zip". I'll try to work on the rest tomorrow. -Q KnobsSTL.zip KnobsSTEP.zip
  4. I can convert them although it will take me some time. Do you want them in STL or would you prefer STEP so that you can easily import them into Fusion 360 to edit them? STL makes it slightly harder to edit in my opinion. :music_whistling:
  5. Well designed! I would have never guessed you were only a few weeks into learning Fusion! I look forward to your progress. Quentin
  6. :thumbup: This looks amazing! Any chance you would share your sketch for the rolling display? I’m currently working on the engine display panel of the AV-8 with the same OLEDs. I’d like to look over your code and learn. Thanks in advance, Quentin
  7. What kind of hardware are you using for your actuator system? Quentin
  8. Looks great! A CNC router is definitely next on my list of purchases. Many an early Christmas gift for myself. As I said, I'm going to try to work out some more dimensions. Now that I think of it, Ill see what I come up with before I look at yours so I don't skew my results. :megalol: Then we can compare and get closer to realism. Are you planning on using the Warthog as your throttle or building your own version of AV8 throttle?
  9. I didn’t realize you had added your panels to the beginning of the thread! I will have to check those out this evening.
  10. While I have both a 3D printer and a laser cutter I think this panel lends itself to be printed due to the finger guards between the buttons. I prefer the look of the laser cut panels though so I will probably do the rest with that. Hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend to work out dimensions on a few more panels and get them drawn up.
  11. I completely agree and I went that way. While I was doing some research i found a picture of a bare cockpit showing that there were DZUS rails behind the UFC. As such I believe the UFC to actually be 5.75" wide and 6" tall. I worked out the rest of the measurements and tossed them together in Fusion 360. The result is attached. I haven't placed the buttons or shelled out the panel yet as I need to decide what switches and potentiometers/rotary encoders I am going to use. Quentin
  12. Sure! Here is a video from Autodesk that shows how to calibrate an image: ${1} Once you calibrate to something that is of known size in the NATOPS diagrams (the DDI in my case) the easiest way that I know of to find other sizes in the image is to make a new sketch. Within that sketch draw around whatever panel or gauge you are trying to find the size of and it should show you the correct dimensions. Of course, this completely relies on the accuracy of the NATOPS diagram. Quentin
  13. Hello all! This topic grabbed my interest and I had to jump in. I took the diagram for the TAV-8B from the NATOPS manual (as it appears to use the same DDI from the F-18 in the Open Hornet project) and dropped it in Fusion 360 so I could get some measurements. I "calibrated" the image from the Open Hornet dimensions in 360. From what I've seen, the Open Hornet dimensions appear to be right on, so if the NATOPS diagrams are to be trusted (which is not always the case) the UFC shows as a rounded 135mm X 144mm. I pulled a bunch of pictures this evening to try to compare, but it will most likely be tomorrow before I jump on it. Work will most likely be slow tomorrow so I may spend some time making the UFC in 360 with these dimensions. -Quentin
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