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  1. If this info is so readily available, why did it take ED so long to get to it? I mean when I first ordered Blackshark it was "Hey, why this attack chopper?" Even then, everyone knew the Apache was state-of-the-art. We were told that because of this there was too much Top Secret shit in this. It could not be divulged in an accurate replica of the Apache. Are we now supposed to believe that ALL this is now declassified? Or maybe ED was feeding us a load of crap.
  2. YESSSSSS! LB2 was the best. I can remember making it home after a mission with no radar and had to fly NOE in pitch dark. In those days, this Jane's sim was one of the first to allow multi-player and my CPG was going nuts thinking we were toast. At the end of the mission we got the silver star or MOH, I forget. But it was very immersive back in those days.
  3. From my understanding, you weren't a Longbow unless you had the FCR. Otherwise, you're just an Apache
  4. Where might I find these screenshots? Thanks
  5. Ok if it's in EA where do I DL it?
  6. Been away awhile and so disappointed over the time it took to complete Hornet. All I had ever wanted from ED was to do Longbow. I was raised on Jane's Apache Longbow along with about every other Jane's sims of the day along with Falcon 3 & 4, various Novalogic sims, Microprose (F-15 Strike Eagle) and anything else that came along. But I had this dream that maybe, just maybe ED could put into detail and realism into a platform that had been my favorite for at least thirty years. And that was the AH-65D Longbow. Now I can die because the last bucket list item has now been checked...The "Na
  7. Ok. Just looking at the top ten "things to be delivered", I saw the ER version at the bottom. My bad.
  8. Really? I found this. Check the middle of the paragraph about the "New Planar Wings". What did I miss here? They do seem to be talking about the SLAM-ER version. "Description: SLAM-Expanded Response (ER) is Naval Aviation's follow-on to the SLAM Stand-off Outside Area Defense (SOAD) weapon. It is a day/night, adverse-weather, precision-strike weapon with over-the-horizon range. SLAM is based on the highly successful and reliable Harpoon anti-ship missile, with a Global Positioning System-aided Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS) for mid-course guidance, and a Maverick Imaging Infrared
  9. Yeah, they had trouble tailing them because they couldn't fly as slow. Then when they started to strafe the boat.... Kirk Douglas: Splash the Zeros !
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