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  1. in the training campaign its the same, btw.
  2. i bought some ww2 planes, but as they are also bugged I jump on Il2 when I want ww2, there it is even possible to use VR, as it is optimized... but as you say, its annoying that they ruin some old working modules and don't fix it. NVG is also broken.
  3. 2 weeks later.... when will it be fixed? It was ok before 2.7.
  4. And now they push the ww2 stuff that you can also fly in Il2... instead of finishing the things they sold. Poor customer relation that is imo.
  5. well, when I see this effect I cannot believe that people think the effect of the Mk-77 or other napalm like bomb effects are not possible; this is a shot of the vanilla swedish BK90 going off.
  6. Please add a filter option in changelog. I know its difficult for past, but for upcomings - it would be a great help when searching.
  7. 4/5 5/5 BFT05 - Basic Maneuvers.part5.rar
  8. BFT05 - Basic Maneuvers.part1.raryeah, used airbrakes; weird as I did it 2 times and on the second 360 now it went on, after i got near the original path and aimed for next steerpoint. seems that you need to be exactly on course which is not possible when you follow the spoken orders. can you check? trk is 22mb and winrar is not making splitted files atm, actually i feel like a bughunter...
  9. when I have the nerve to fly it again yes; it was in the slow down to 160 section and even though I slowed below the following order did not occur. Actual stable, or is it there not yet patched?
  10. Same issue here, tpps in BFT05 dont work. It's annoying. Someone should fix those triggers or make the files open so that we can do it ourself. But to know you did everything right and get a permanent bug that could be easily fixed is not very nice. Edit: OB as well as stable.
  11. Actually I got the notice that it will be deleted, I just started it. Does anyone know what is happening here? The rest of my 80+ modules are fine. ADMIN EDIT: I was so free and edited the title, so folks do not get scared about the campaign disappearing (which it won't). For all of you who are just catching up: we are simply removing a redundant version to save disk space, but you will still find the campaign in your Viggen campaign folder as part of the module. ~IronMike
  12. Absolutely agree, but the problem is that ED ignores the fact that there are moments when objects IN SIGHT suddenly disappear, and fanboys will attack you and complain.
  13. Ich zockel gerade durch die A10C Basic Training Campaign, und kurz vorm 2. Rundflug über Batumi (Landung, BFT3) CTD.... "Landungus Interruptus"... nervig. Lief wochenlang super, jetzt nach dem letzten Patch häufen sich wieder sehr merkwürdige CTDs, die diesmal auf MS zeigen. Skurril.
  14. That's not what I want, I want to set the units in the ME not switch factions afterwards. I think you don't understand that, I want to place for example a GERMAN Su-25T in the ME - not a GEORGIAN/RUSSIAN ... that switches sides after start.... understood? I pointed out a thing that is not implemented, and could imo be only done by lua editing (if one knows which lua). If you don't have a solution, ok - thanks for your try
  15. with this settings it works in OB (just now, I hope they ruin it not again)...
  16. just tried with this settings and the Groms simply fly in the ground. OB actual version.
  17. I have not seen any solution documentated, perhaps you have something as you seem to know how it's possible?
  18. I7-9700k, 64GB, M2 SSD, RTX2080TI und ca. 20 USB Geräte ^^; Aktuell habe ich aber die VR zur Seite gelegt bei DCS, da die Einbussen gegenüber 2D für mich zu hoch sind; ich nutze sie bei Il2, das ist für VR optimiert und genial flüssig, aber DCS ist leider in hohen Detailstufen unspielbar(in VR). Marty Feldman kann das auch, obwohl er kein Apache Pilot ist.
  19. Vielen Dank für das Manual; zu MOOSE & MIST gibt es auch viel Infozeugs auf Github, die sind auch auf englisch gut verständlich.
  20. I know this way, but it would be nice to build separate missions with countries you could fill. Is there a way you can do that with lua programming?
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