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  1. I have the same issue after this last patch, Airfield hangars dissapear before you have taken off from airfield, Use F2 view too look around and the seem to dissapear at around 2km.. Altso Static objects like ammo dumps placed in mission editor doesent show until you at litterally standing on top of them.. Please get this fixed asap...
  2. 1st pri. on my list would be to fix the export issue.... or create a new export function to allow cockpit builders to extract all relevant data to their own AC regardless of server settings, this would include lat & long position of own AC... since there is no Bullseye in Lockon pit's and the HSI is partly fubar ( read not working if not in nav mode) This would be extremely useful for tool making etc... imagine a working HSI on a second screen regardless of instrument modes :) Fox-one
  3. I recently took up on Falcon 4 again too this time with Open Falcon and all i could think of was "Wow 10 years has passed and still this baby rocks" Ok gfx is not so good but better than it was and all the other tweaks Thx to F4 community.. I mention this only to show what a touch of "moddability" can do for a sim ! Fox-one
  4. If you can make this work on the G-15 keyboard page me and I would be interested in trying to get my source for the Bullseye app (LCD / second monitor) ported or if u can use Delphi code we can work something out :)
  5. Just watched it :D what can i say exept WOW it ROCKS. great movie ! I just love it..... And yeah it deserves an award ;)
  6. Good stuff TekaTeka ! <S>
  7. In the "lockon.bat" you would need theese two lines : copy myconfig.lua config.lua /y Lockon.exe where the myconfig.lua is the edited copy of your original config.lua but ALWAYS have a backup before doing this things just in case :)
  8. Wow is all i can think, that guy is really talented....
  9. Well you might find this interesting then ;) http://n.ethz.ch/student/mmoeller/fms/index_e.html The free FMS RC simulator... Helis too...... Regards
  10. Happy birthday Zuki ! may you have many more to come !
  11. Great teaser Fox .. keep it up.... I want to see the rest of it !!!!
  12. Turn it off, I use a printed map anyway, quicker & better imho....
  13. Great Job Helix ! <S> I love the Pilot's in server module :)
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