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  1. I tried the channel map one weekend and looked nice from the air. But upon closest inspection I noticed that Rochester Castle was missing, or the Cathedral. I stopped there and uninstalled. So my wishlist is to put the relevant points of interest in the map. I live in South East London, and the South East is my playground. I take flying lessons here. So for me to fly a WWII map, expecting to find historic places and not finding them, is massively disappointing. The Fighter Collection, being the parent company of ED, should make sure the Channel map is done properly. Not generic. I'll
  2. Thanks. I unticked all those boxes and it works better now.:thumbup: Also helps that I have a new Hard drive to run it from.
  3. The A10 II looks AWESOME but it's unflyable for me. Unlike the other jets, for some reason, when I move my head around the cockpit, the headset flashes bits of black screen. Is not my tracking system or anything to do with my headset. I don't have that problem with any other jet. Any other VR pilots with that problem? I fly with a Vive Pro.
  4. Dex0

    Chase Plane Edwards

    Amazing dude! I'm glad to see that you're working on that Version.
  5. Dex0

    Chase Plane Edwards

    I got busy this weekend and made this one. It's my first attempt, so there's loads I need to do to make it perfect. If I can work out the RoughMets and other little things. I'm currently flying it in VR, so I'm not that bothered about the texture mistakes a the moment. If you guys like what you see, I could look into releasing it soon.
  6. Dex0

    Chase Plane Edwards

    I have started creating the Chase plane livery from Edwards AFB. The orange and white livery. Is anyone else on this one? The idea is to make it nice and shiny. And I am not sure how to do that. The F16 template is full of oil and dirt. IS there a way to make that happen? Can someone point me to the right thread please? http://georgiajets.org/Library/Scale_Aircraft/Edwards_Doc/edwards_doc.html
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