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  1. Playing the campain with ver 2.5.657530, I was stucked in waypoint 5 after landing and the rear door opened. Inside the ME, the trigger "Bloik_podlet_posadka2" worked but not the following "Bloik_podlet_razgruz". I solved the issue after moving the WP 1 of Gruzchik group over the BP_Dalyn_Dym group. This allow the Gruzchik group to go inside the Razgruz zone.
  2. You are right. I thought it was the fire light but if I remove the fire effect within th mission editor, the bug is the same.
  3. Illuminated targets at night are very hard to aim because of some strange shadows when zooming. This mission is the Persian Gulf Ka50 Night hunt instant action DCS ver
  4. Target is not the default programming software for the Cougar. Did you installed your Cougar as discribed in this post : https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/input-and-output/thrustmaster-aa/181157-hotas-cougar-software-on-a-modern-windows?t=181049 When you install the Thrustmaster software it suggest you the path C:\Program Files (x86)\HOTAS\ . In this folder, you find several software including the CCP, Foxy and the "Calibrating the Cougar.doc"
  5. Hello, do you launch the CCP in administrator mode ? The calibration guide is provided inside the HOTAS folder C:\Program Files (x86)\HOTAS\Calibrating the Cougar.doc
  6. Hello I repaired two old Cougar that I bought from Ebay recently and the two have this same issue. I tried on Windows 10 64, Windows 7 32 and an old laptop with Windows XP. When I unplug the Joystick, I need to click "manual calibration" to use the micro stick. Did you solved this issue ?
  7. Hi, for me the MS FFB2 works. I have a G940 too, but when I click the button assigned to Hold, the program crashes and I feel nothing in the stick. I tried an old Logitech Wingman force 3D Force Feedback and the soft works.
  8. Thanks for the information, I'll take a look
  9. Thank you Tobi, I wanted to improve my pilot skilling with the Huey. So, I gave a try at your missions (Bridge Slalom and Train Heist). These missions are challenging, well made with good voiceover. I like to understand how the triggers work in a mission so I took a look at the triggers in the mission editor. But I was very surprised because of the use of scripting. Are you a professionnal mission builder ? I wonder how do you learned about scripting? Regards
  10. do you intend to offer free sample missions from your campaigns like Bunyap and Reflected Simulation do?
  11. I tried to drop MK82 in CCIP mode with windwith the A10A. I was surprised because I couldn’t hit my target. I tried withside, rear, front wind without success. Bombsfall consistently off the target by a significant distance. I was wondering if I was wrong with windcorrection and CCIP and I didn’t found any answer on internet nether on ED site. I tried with the A10C in the same situationand I could hit the target. I think that the A10C has an automated windcorrection. I tried to drop some FAB 250 with the SU27 with same wind and I couldn’thit the target (I’m not sure but I think all the FC3 aircraft have that issue) I play on 2.5 “stable”. I tried with the previous DCS version : the1.5.8 and there was no issue with CCIPmode with wind with the A10A. I’m very surprised because I found nobody whoasked for that question before. Some screenshots with a 72° and 10kts windat 33 feet and a 72° and 21 kts at 1600 feet : With side wind and when the CCIP solutionis wrong, I noticed the velocity vectornot aligned with the bomb fall line
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